iphone 6 a8 chip

iPhone one of the most premium mobile devices at present in the market. iPhone has always been the center of attraction amongst people because of its popularity, recent releases, etc. iPhone which is a Apple Inc. product is the most searched device on the internet.

At present, iPhone is desired by everyone.Last year Apple launched the iPhone 5s which is the latest addition to the series. iPhone 5s succeeding the iPhone 5 brought a number of processor modifications, new iOS version and most important so called ‘Fingerprint scanner’ .

iphone 6 images leaked

Now Apple is almost ready to bring in the new addition to its iPhone series i.e. ‘iPhone 6′ which is expected to be one of the biggest releases in 2014 in the world of technology. On the other hand some are expecting it to be just another simple iPhone and nothing more than that !

Apple’s iPhone 6 was in talks from the start of 2014. But  there were not much information or leaks regarding the upcoming device  during past few months. And one fine day, a news flashed on all the websites ‘iPhone 6 to be launched in 4.7″ screen size’ .

The news took no time to spread. After that another broadcast with images came into light which demonstrated the metal body frame of the upcoming iPhone 6. It wasn’t confirmed yet  that the leaked were related to iPhone 6.

Recently, a source revealed the dummy images of iPhone 6 with video. The leak mentioned that the new iPhone 6 will be bitter in terms of screen size and will arrive with a 4.7 inch screen size.

iphone 6 leaked images

If we look at the images of the leaked dummy, they suggest that the new iPhone 6 will have wider and longer screen with a size of 4.7 inch. On the other side, It is also expected that Apple will revoke their old iPhone design for the new launch and will bring the style statement of iPad of Apple Inc.

The new designs of the iPhone 6 will be derived from an already existing iPad’s design. However, this time Apple is not getting inspired from their one product only. For the new iPod, Apple has derived the designs of their 5th Generation iPod Touch as well.

It is expected that the iPhone 6 will be much thinner as iPod 5th generation. Well, no leak or news for special feature like Fingerprint scanner is available till now. That is the main reason for some people to regard it as just another iPhone launch.

The new upcoming A8 chips for the iPhone 6 are also being tested which is being done by the same manufacturer who supply chips for Samsung. Samsung has already launched their master player ‘Samsung Galaxy S5‘ in the market much earlier than the iPhone 6’s launch.

iphone 6 a8 chip

The new upcoming iPhone is expected to bring in the new A8 chip from Apple. The new 4.7 inch screen size will also bring in the new resolution for it which is expected to be much better than the ‘retina Display’ of Apple Inc.

Leaked video

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