Those who have always wondered that why an iPhone jailbreak would be useful, we have supplied 11 new arguments for them. We will demonstrate 11 tweaks and tools with which you can extend your iPhone to various features and further customization.

iPhone Jailbreak: 11 Tweaks and Tools

First: Winterboard – custom themes to iOS 5

Without jailbreaking you can do little to change the appearance of iOS. Using the tweaks winterboard  it is possible to change icons, backgrounds, lock-screen, font – virtually the entire look of the operating system can be changed  by adapting the theme of your choice.

Price of Winterboard: Free


Second: SBSettings – The Classic of the Nerve Centers

SBSettings  is a classic among the jailbreak tweaks. With this tool it is possible to control many system services, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. via shortcuts from the home screen. Furthermore, you can the IP address of the iDevices and the free space show, a reboot of the Springboard is also possible with this tool. Other functions can be added as per the users requirement.

Price of SBSettings: Free


Third: Spire – Siri for the iPhone 4

The digital assistant Siri is the unique selling point of the iPhone 4S. Older iOS devices are not officially supported by this application. Anyone who has provided his iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 with a jailbreak can nevertheless benefit from this feature. Spire is available for free on Cydia for download.

Price of Siri Server: 45$


4th: BiteSMS – SMS and iMessage refined

The tool biteSMS optimizes the way notifications are displayed and how users respond to incoming messages. Besides this, SMS biteSMS 6.1 supports all iOS 5 features like iMessage and Quick Reply. It also fits perfectly into the Notification Center. The best part of BiteSMS is you can reply directly from the notification and see the conversation.

Price of BiteSMS: 6$ for 50 SMS Credit.


5th: IntelliScreenX – How the iOS 5 Notification Center should look like !

IntelliscreenX is the consistent  development of the notification center of iOS 5. The functionality is very broad and in addition to the usual news it also shows Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and e-mail in real time. Even WiFi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, etc. can be controlled by direct access. All this information is also available from the lock-screen.

Price of IntelliScreen X: 9.99$


6th: Swype – Fast Writing without lifting

Swype on Android devices already well known to most of the users. This quick way of adding text input allows rapid creation of texts with a mop across the keyboard. Apple offers this type of input not specify who would use it yet, but it can be installed via Cydia. This can probably make your messaging and social chats faster than before.

Price of Swype: 0.99$



7th:  Lingual: Language Translation by Siri 

Lingual is a tweak for the  iPhone 4S , with the Siri, the feature of language translation  is expanded. Currently, the Tweak  canonly been translated from English into other languages, but its available already in 30 different languages. In one of the next updates, the developers support for the opposite way into English will be added possibly.

Lingual uses a tool called Assistant Extensions that requires little knowledge about internet to greatly expand Siri functionality easily. The developer has already demonstrated that Twitter and YouTube search can also be controlled by Siri – the imagination knows no boundaries.


8th: MyWi – 3G hotspot

MyWi 5.0 makes the iPhone as 3G modem for tablets, notebooks or other Internet-enabled devices. With a push button you can share your mobile Internet connection of your iPhone with other devices.  You can view the analytic of internet usage real-time and can easily control the data consumption of any users anytime, even on the lock-screen. This tool is of course only of interest to the user, according to the service plan it may not actually tether. Some network providers offer this feature on by default and free, for this is well worth the investment of about $ 9.99, of course.

Price of MyWi: 9.99$


9th: Firebreak

In iOS 5, Apple has hidden a handful features that are still in dormant inactive code. One is a panorama mode for the camera. This feature is even not able to unlock without jailbreak , but the way some fiddly. The iPhone which is equipped with a jailbreak can activate this feature but “Firebreak tweak” must be installed on your iPhone.

Price of Firebreak: Free


10th: Zephyr – from App to App Wipe like the iPad

This app refers to the gesture control, with which you can change the active app to another by wiping from one to another. An absolute must for all Jailbreake App friends and the ease of use. Like all other tweaks and it is in the Cydia Store for download. But it is not free, it costs $ 2.99 – but is worth for every penny.

Price of Zephyr: 2.99$


11th: Graviboard – fun for iPads

Small toys for iPad owners: the Tweak Graviboard drops the icons like wet sacks to the virtual ground. Spooned over the iPad to the side, roll down all the apps in the corner, some apps can “flip” through the area. The tweak also works on the iPhone, seems due to lack of screen size but less impressive.

Price of Graviboard: 0.99$


So by applying the above tweaks, you can easily boost the features and performance of your iPhone so that it will become more ease of use and dynamic to digitize your life. We would be glad if you are interested to share your  favorite iPhone tweaks with us by commenting here.!

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