ipTracking.geniushackers.com | a small gift to all the users of this blog

ip-tracking-logoDisgusted with those who annoy you with fake ids and false identities ????
Want to trace the person who bugged you??
You don’t have to be another sherlock holmes to do the same.
Just register in this ip-tracking site and have the details right in your mailbox.

Register here

Instructions on how to use the ipTracking site

If you have any questions or suggestion about iptracking site please post them here

4 Replies to “ipTracking.geniushackers.com | a small gift to all the users of this blog”

  1. i am facebook user some create a fake id of me i want to know the ipaddress of that user could you please help me.

  2. Hi,
    I tried your ip-tracking.
    It works great but there’s one problem, the generated link when sent to the recipient is not disguised. ie it is still the http://iptracking.geniushackers.com/……etc

    I sent it from my hotmail account to my gmail to test it.

    that means if I send it to uncover someone who is a harasser, he/she might not click it upon seeing the real name.

    is there something to do?

    thank you 🙂

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