Is ‘Black’ Samsung SIII coming to stores near you?

Samsung Galaxy SIII a phone claimed to be “Designed for Humans” can be considered as one of the most anticipated Android devices until its launch this year. Device sported a great bit of hardware but could not impress with the design and quality of material. Anyways, a lot of blogs stated about it and I should not waste more time giving you a review of Galaxy SIII.

Time when Galaxy SIII was presented to the world, one odd thing I felt was, the Model was not launched in Black variant. Though it is not mandatory and manufacturers introduce different variants of phone along the course of sell depending upon the demand and how successful the model was. Still any premium phone is always expected to have a shiny black variant! If you ask me, I still own a black iPad and iPhone and would buy most of my gadgets in black if available. Also following the Galaxy series launch trend you will come to know that all Galaxy SIII predecessors were launched with a black variant including Galaxy S and more recent and popular Galaxy SII.

After the first Launch of Galaxy SIII, lot of analyst speculated Apple Lawsuit against Samsung is the major reason, Samsung did not launch a phone in black color.. After all Apple filed almost a dozen of patent infringement cases against Samsung! Once it was even thought that Samsung Galaxy’s SIII final design was finalized and passed by Lawyers to prevent any such lawsuit against the device.

Obviously the royal color is not owned or patented by Apple and even I do not believe in the above speculation, but seems like Samsung has decided to make its Phone for Humans début in Black color as well. We have found an image from Carphone Warehouse floating around the Internet that suggests Samsung Galaxy SIII might be launching soon in black color as well.

Though it’s still a rumor but photos like this adds up to believing that Samsung might be launching it soon. Check out one more image from same source showing inventory system of Carphone Warehouse which lists Samsung Galaxy SIII in black.

Even a Black color Samsung SIII won’t be enough to make me buy it but there are people out there who will. For them, it’s a nice royal option to feel a bit more premium than alternative colors available at present. If you are one of those go ahead and share your thoughts using usual comment system.

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