Is Samsung Galaxy S3 Worth Buying? – Or Is It Over priced?

Is Samsung Galaxy S3 Worth Buying? – Or Is It Over priced?

Recently Samsung launched its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S III in India. Since the first look the device has faced mixed views from all around the world, and after the launch event in New Delhi, where the price was also announced, the critics has gone viral. “Seriously, Rs.43,180 for this retarded phone?” – They say. It’s just a hoax or the device is actually over-priced? Is Samsung Galaxy S3 worth buying? Find out!

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What Will You Get For Rs.43,180?


S-Voice is not a ‘revolutionary’ new feature, it’s kind of similar to Siri of iPhone 4S. Though it’s not clear if it’s really as useful as Siri, yet. As of now, no other devices feature any personal assistant like Siri or S-Voice, but there are some unofficial apps available on the internet for Android and iOS both – they are not as good as the ‘official’ ones.

Quad-core Processor:

Samsung introduced the massive 1.4 GHz quad-core processor in the heart of the device, and said that the processor has two times processing capacity as compared to dual-core processors… that’s not it, it consumes 20% less power. That’s a win-win, right?

Pop-up Play:

I personally like this feature, though it’s not super-useful and not everyone need it. It basically allows you to watch videos and do other work (like browsing, texting, email, etc.) simultaneously, but how? Simply resize and drag your video anywhere on screen and utilize the remaining part for other work. It’s better if you watch this short video to see exactly what it is and also burst shot mode, which can shoot 20 photos per second.

…And Some Exclusive Features:

Galaxy S III includes some exclusive features, some are useful some are just to flaunt the device. Namely they are, Direct Call, Social Tag, Smart Stay, Smart Alert, S Beam, AllShare Play, Buddy Photo Share, Best Photo (or burst shot), etc.

Direct call is a smart way to call, it detects when and whom you want to call then automatically dials the number. But how does it ‘detect’? Suppose you are texting someone and you put the phone on your ear (the way you talk on phone), it will automatically dial the number or that person; or just select a number in log/contacts list and do the same thing, it will call automatically.

Smart Stay automatically recognizes when you are looking at your phone and when you’re not. The front facing camera detects your eye, and when you are looking at the screen to read an eBook or while browsing the web, it maintains the bright display for problem free viewing.

Smart Alert simply gives a vibration buzz, when you pick up the phone, to inform you that there are some unread alerts, missed calls, or messages for you.

S Beam is a complete copy of Android Beam on Galaxy Nexus, sadly Nexus is not launched in India and never will. S Beam allows you to share data easily, just hold two phones together with their back touching each other – that’s it!

AllShare Play uses the DLNA technology with WiFi to share content on various devices. It allows you to remotely access documents and multimedia files from somewhere else.

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Best Photo or Burst Shot Mode captures 20 pictures in almost a second and selects the best among them for you. It is useful in those cases when the pictures get a little blur, and best of all, it’s pretty fast.

Alternatives And Conclusion:

Of course, there are alternatives if you don’t like GS III or it just doesn’t fit in your budget, whatever the reason may be. Although, you may buy it for around Rs.38,000 – 40,000 from the market but if one does not really need the so called ‘exclusive features’ – it’s absolutely worthless. If you need the personal voice assistant, iPhone 4S is the only alternative yet. Also, everyone knows that Siri understands what you say, and respond accordingly. Galaxy Nexus, if you can buy it from other countries, is a good alternative too. It is almost at par with S3 except it does not have S-Voice but it does have Android Beam. HTC One X is the closest competitor, in fact some experts are saying that they will still prefer One X over S III. Galaxy S II is still in the frame, after the ICS update (though, it came very late), definitely it is not a bad choice. If you don’t feel any special love for Android, you can also go for Nokia Lumia 900, which recently impressed some techies by passing the hammer test (I’m one of them).

At the end, I will just say that S3 is new and has a quad-core processor doesn’t mean it is the best. Look for its closest competitors too. I agree that it has some exclusive features but do you really need them? Ask yourself.

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Which device do you recommend among the ones mentioned in the article? Is Galaxy S III really worth the price? Tell us in your comments below.

7 thoughts on “Is Samsung Galaxy S3 Worth Buying? – Or Is It Over priced?”

  1. @ Faiz: LG though a good brand has never been able to stand up against Samsung. Lets see how it does this time?

    Samsung has overpriced it for the purpose of making a statement that it can sell popular and more expensive phones then IPhone.

  2. i personally think that Galaxy S III isnt worth Rs40000..its build quality is not so impressive,it has a cheap plasticy feel wen u hold it in hand..well again dats my personal opinion..but ders this new phone by LG coming later this month,its the Lg optimus 4x HD..its a great looking phone with some great features..i am really waiting for its release ..

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