Is The New IPod Touch, The Best Music Player Ever?

In the gadget world, it’s fun to support the brands we fancy or use. But, facts remain facts-don’t they? So have you ever thought of having an unbiased check over one of the most important category of gadgets-Music Players! That is exactly what we attempted to do.

The world’s first mass-produced hardware music player was “MPMan” player created in 1997. Since then there were unimaginable leaps in the portable music player technology. The initial digital music players were either big and clunky or small and useless with equally terrible user interfaces. So, what is the best music player ever to step into the world? Our check shows it’s undoubtedly the new iPod touch, which hardly needs introduction. Want to know what makes it so? Read on.

We have identified these top 10 most important characteristics which music lovers in the present world look for in their music player. Let’s check how the new iPod touch (5th Generation) meets these needs.

1. Portability for various day to day activities:

Digital music players have become a major staple in the personal lives of almost everyone these days. Whether it be on the treadmill at the gym, on the bus on the way home from work or sitting in your living room, a music player is the most sought after companion. So, portability for all such activities is a must for a great music player.

The new Touch is perfectly meets the diverse need of portability through is light design. It feels like a razor blade at less than a quarter-inch thick (0.24 inch, 6.1millimetres) and barely more than 3 ounces (3.10 ounces, 88 grams). It feels almost like a stack of 10 index cards. It’s the thinnest iPod. It’s also, probably, your thinnest gadget.

2. Sound quality

The main purpose of any music player is to sound great to the ears. So, sound quality is a perfect medium to assess its stand among its competitors. The new iPod has reinvented the way audio is reaches the ears. Lot of new innovations have been included, the most significant of which is the Earpods.

Unlike traditional, circular earbuds, the design of the new Apple EarPods is defined by the geometry of the ear which makes them more comfortable for more people than any other earbud-style headphone. The speakers inside Apple EarPods have been engineered to minimize sound loss and maximize sound output. So you get high-quality audio that’s just as impressive as what you’d hear from more expensive headphones. The Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic also include a built-in remote that lets you adjust the volume, control the playback of music and video, and answer or end calls with a pinch of the cord.

3. Memory

What is the use of a music player if you cannot have your entire favorite playlist on it? Memory is not a huge issue in the electronic music players these days as even memory became affordable.

Now for the juicy part – the 5G iPod touch will come in 32GB (holding capacity of around 7000 songs) and 64GB (capacity of around 14000 songs) flavors which retail for $299 and $399, respectively. As the player includes option for video playback some people may find the 32 GB not sufficient. Nevertheless option for 64 GB exists and this should be sufficient for majority of the audience. However in Apple’s world everything is filtered through the iCloud. With your free account you also get 5GB of storage space online.

4. Battery life

What good is a music player if its battery does not last even a day? Highly powerful music players with diverse capabilities often find themselves difficult to last even a day. The new IPod 5th Gen is perfectly designed to last long.

The A5 chip isn’t a power hog, you get a great battery life: up to 40 hours of music or 8 hours of video on a single charge. So you can keep on listening, watching, browsing and playing. All this stamina comes from 1030mAh battery which is significantly less than the 1440mAh battery of the latest iPhone. The extra capacity isn’t necessary without high power-consuming 3G mobile internet on-board.

5. Connectivity

The content of a music player makes the player. So, the easier it is to transfer content to the player, the more comfortable it is for the user. Any electronic device can be connected physically or wireless.

Transferring files into the new iPod is more easier than ever. Physical connections include the new smaller 8-pin Lightning connector in place of the old 30-pin socket. The Lightning adapter was introduced to keep the iPod as slim as possible. With the help of a few Apple accessories they can do more than just transfer files, charge the battery and output sound. The most exciting way for transferring files is through the wireless connectivity. Wireless connectivity in the 5th generation iPod touch includes Wi-Fi and the superfast Bluetooth 4.0. The iOS 6 supports sync over Wi-Fi, and it removes the need to setup the player using a computer. All you need now is a Wi-Fi network in order to login to your iTunes account.Any photos you’ve taken are automatically uploaded once you’re in range of a Wi-Fi connection thanks to PhotoStream.

6. Software and User interface(UI)

Fancy features, unknown buttons and dancing icons will be uncomfortable to use. That’s where the need for easy user interface comes.

The new iPod touch runs iOS 6, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system in all its glory, where both Panorama (a new mode for taking panoramic photos) and Siri, Apple’s intelligent voice-activated personal assistant, are available here.

7. Display

Despite being grafted with a new 4-inch Retina display (326ppi pixel density), the new iPod touch screen gets taller, but not wider, so you still have complete one-handed control. The iPod’s height makes a difference in a variety of ways. That extra screen space allows an additional row of icons on the home screen, and gives more room for touchscreen gaming controls. The display is also noticeably brighter at its highest setting. The screen involves a 16:9 aspect ratio, making it perfect for viewing movies.

8. Video Capabilities

The line between MP3 players and portable video players (PVPs or tablets) is inconspicuous, as almost all the devices hitting the market today include video playback as a feature. No denying it’s nice to have that extra distraction in certain situations, such as doctors’ waiting rooms and journeys.

Great video playing capabilities come from impressive display, sound and powerful chipset. The big and bright retina display, extraordinary audio and apple A5 processor make the new Ipod the most advanced video player among all existing music players. The new screen size has the 16:9 aspect ratio that widescreen videos use, which makes it perfect for viewing movies. The iTunes is conveniently stuffed with full of HD movies to rent or buy. Supported formats include H.264, MPEG4 and motion JPEGs. Free apps like Netflix and LoveFilm can handle other formats such as MKV, Xvid and DivX without trans coding.

9. Performance

How do we feel when the music gets stuck and there is lag in its processing? The chipset used for the device should be able to smoothly handle all its activities. More than smoothness the speed of operation is also a major requirement for a great music player.

The fifth-generation iPod touch has the most powerful chipset for any music player in market. It sports a dual-core A5 processor and it’s running at 1GHz and is paired with dual-core PowerVR graphics. Lags in processing is hardly noticed even when multitasking with high end applications.

10. Exciting extras

Music listening is great fun. But we all feel the need to occupy ourselves with something else while listening to music. This is the reason why all the music players include exciting extra capabilities like games, apps, camera etc. The new iPod is a beasty package for such excitement.

Boasting 700,000 apps and 175,000 games in its library with 150 million players hanging around the Game Center, the 5G iPod leaves no room for boredom. iOS devices have become major gaming platforms, and these extra tweaks make the Touch a better gaming handheld. The new iPod touch houses a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera that shoots 1080p HD video and still images at 2592 by 1936. The front facing camera shoots stills at 1280 by 960 and video at 1280 by 720. Delve into the Camera app, for example, and you’ll spy the HDR and Panorama features found on the iPhone. The latest iPod touch also has an LED flash next to the camera on the back. There’s also the new Maps and Siri support.

It’s worth noting just how versatile the new iPod touch is – there’s so much you can do with it, from playing music and movies to FaceTime video chat (thanks to a second front facing 1.2 megapixel, 720p, camera). Whether you’re in it for the apps, games, or media, this music player will be a treasure. With zippy performance, bright and roomy display, great audio clarity and support for Siri, the fifth-generation iPod touch is the best music player ever to step into the gadget world.