Is this the New iPhone 5?

It’s been a long since I last covered Apple, but Nokia did not give me time to! See the impact, Nokia created on the market..

Well, but how can Apple World fall behind in this race, and suddenly out of surprise a new Concept has taken grounds showing the design of new iPhone 5. As we come closer to the release of new version of iPhone, which recently turned 4 the net is getting hotter about how will iPhone 5 look, what will it feature, can Apple create another masterpiece? are some of the hottest questions around.

Without making you wait anymore, let me introduce you to the new concept and features that it claims!

Taddaaaa!!!! Doesn’t that look awesome? Personally, if this is how iPhone 5 looks like, I am already in love with it! But I know, Apple is more creative and this design is just a mockup: the original product should be a beauty. Well let’s look at what this design features-

  • First thing you will notice is the Thinner iPad2 like curved body
  • An Aluminum body featuring white back instead of black
  • Much smoother edges and curves
  • Much Bigger Camera which might feature a larger aperture giving you wide angel photography
  • A 4 inch Retina Display
  • A capacitive home button
  • Metal Finish Volume Rocket and Mute/Lock Rotation button
  • An Antenna at top that prevents “Death Grip”
  • A universal IR remote for all home devices along with antenna
  • And Black Apple Logo instead of a shining silver!

Here are more images of this Concept-

Though we have a lot of hopes with iPhone 5, but this can not be considered the finalized design or a leaked document! It is just another concept floating around in Apple World, and Apple might not be working on anything of this sought. But this does proves to be a new eye candy and can pump up some extra good for Apple.

It is very unclear that Apple is working on a total redesign for iPhone 5 or is it going to be a hardware boost in the same old housing! But one things for sure, Apple iPhone 5 will be launched with a new Processor known as A5 which might be a dual core processor, Dedicated and enhanced Graphic chip, a higher MP Camera and much awaited iOS 5.

What ever might be the case, the sources have pointed to a total case redesign in last few weeks. And reports also state that Apple might launch two phones in September: Apple iPhone 5 and a lower end iOS driven device which might be priced @$199 without any contract. But here again, we are just left with a new speculation creating a new excitement on how will it look!

Share your comments on this new Concept and without wasting more of your time – I leave you with this state of the art design to admire and adore 🙂

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