Ivy Bridge, The New Faster Processor Range from Intel

The new intel IVY bridge processors

The Intel is updating their range of processors today. These are the advanced versions of “Sandy Bridge” processors which were introduced by intel in 2011. The new version of processors are named as “Ivy Bridge” are the 22nm die shrink of the sandy bridge processors

Need for upgraded versions

As we humans are always craving for speed, it is necessary to upgrade the available processors.

Every year the slabs of silicon are getting smaller, stronger and energy-efficient. As a result the processors become faster, lighter and generally more impressive. with this advantage the intel is making the processors which are smaller and faster.

These new Ivy Bridge processors surpass the sandy bridge processors in many ways. As Intel shrinked the Sandy Bridge micro architecture down to the 22-nanometer process, The resulting new CPUs, code-named Ivy Bridge, promise even better power savings and performance, much as the last two processor generations did.

Shrinking of architecture from 32 nanometer  to 22 nano meter helps the manufacturers to make chips which draw less power.

An Ivy Bridge CPU will provide performance similar to that of a Sandy Bridge CPU while consuming less power and it will offer greater performance while consuming the same amount of power. That means you’ll see laptops that provide better battery life without sacrificing speed, as well as faster desktops that are easier on your utility budget. Another advantage for this is that Ivy Bridge will be compatible with the LGA 1155 socket–great news for Sandy Bridge owners, who may not need to buy an entirely new motherboard to upgrade.Other notable enhancements include an upgraded graphics core built into the CPU, allowing Direct X11 support with Intel’s integrated graphics. Ivy Bridge CPUs will also bring native support for U.S.B 3.0 and thunderbolt, which we hope will mean greater adoption of those connectivity technologies across desktops and laptops of all makes and models.

The advantages of the IVY bridge processors are

  • The new processors are more energy efficient, meaning longer battery backup and less heat.
  • They are faster then the older sandy bridge processors 5 to 15%.
  • Graphic performance improvements by 20 to 50%
  • It is compatible with LGA 1155 socket, you can easily upgrade from sandy bridge processors without much hardware changes.
  • It has upgraded graphics core built into cpu, allowing Direct X11 support with intel’s integrated graphics for games and movie buffs.

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