iOS 5 Jailbreak

iOS 5 Jailbreak

Hope you enjoyed my last article from the series “Jailbreak or Not” titled – “5 Reasons I won’t Jailbreak iOS 5”. As promised, in this article I’ll present a list of reasons which will force me (and might be you too)  to Jailbreak iOS 5. There are a few awesome Cydia apps and tweaks which are worthy to void an Apple’s warranty.

Top 5 Reasons to Jailbreak iOS 5

BiteSMS (Quick Reply/Compose):


An awesome app from Cydia Store, even Apple does not have a breakthrough for BiteSMS. BiteSMS is one of the most loved and downloaded app from Cydia Store that revolutionizes iOS’s messaging system. Features such as Quick reply/compose, SMS history etc. makes it one of the top most reasons I will jailbreak iOS 5.



If you love ease of use and you know Apple, then you might be knowing SBSettings – All kind settings toggles placed at one easy to access place. Just swipe your finger across the status bar and there you go – You can take fast notes, switch on/off Data/Wi-Fi, increase or decrease brightness etc.. Would you like to dig in 3 level down in Settings to switch on Wi-fi – nobody likes that – SBSettings to the rescue!



You might be knowing about Android’s skinning system, but did you know that WinterBoard offers a better skinning system and there are 1000s of themes available for iPhone through Winterboard in SD/HD (for iPhone 4’s retina display) versions. The one you can see in screenshot is the HTC-Hero theme for iPhone via WinterBoard, hopefully you have started to experience the power of WinterBoard by now.

InfiniFolders/InfiniDock and Folder Enhancer:


Apple being inspired by Jailbreak app Categories included Folders into iOS, but limited each folder to 12 apps. This is irritating when you have, say 20 Apps, then you will need to create to folders to hold them all.. ahh! But if you have a Jailbroken phone, you can install InfiniFolders which removes this limit. Also iPhone dock by default can only contain 4 icons but InfiniDock removes this limit and you can put any number of apps in the dock!

Folder Enhancer is another tweak from Cydia that increases the speed of Folders and override their 12 app capacity.

Cydia Tweaks:

Cydia is a Jailbreak App marketplace. Here you can find tons of tweaks and utilities that will help you increase the level of customization. Apple does not include everything it takes to enhance User-Experience, but JB Developers does .

Tweaks like HideEmAll (helps in hiding Messages and Photos with a gesture), LockDown (helps password protect all your applications), Voice Activator (brings custom voice commands) and Activator (configure different actions on different gestures) helps you make your life easy using iOS..

Thus the saying goes – “Jailbreak for Life” !

Share with us, why more do you think – iOS 5 should be jailbroken!

One thought on “[Jailbreak or Not] 5 Reasons I will Jailbreak iOS 5

  • October 15, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    Infinidock does not work on ios 5 jailbroken 3gs


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