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A Keylogger is basically a spyware, it records all your keystrokes. Check out the best free anti-keylogger software, Keyscrambler, and download it.

How a Keylogger works?

  • By recording each keystroke and immediately dispatching it to remote listener over internet
  • By collecting keystrokes data in a temporary file and then uploading it via internet
  • The collected keystrokes are never sent via internet instead they are collected in a temporary file and then if someone has access to your system either physical or remote they collect this data manually.
  • Finally the hardware keyloggers: these are actually hardware devices that include a little flash memory to record all your keystrokes,and then the person collects this data manually

Why do I need an Anti-Keylogger with Antivirus?

Well I agree that most anti viruses offer or at least claim to offer security against keyloggers,but here comes the interesting part why not test your anti-virus below is a link to a small software that will check whether you are secure or not. Run various tests in it and then you will see how easily it records your keystrokes and desktop screen-shots.
So I hope now you know why you need a anti keylogger.

KeyScrambler Features:

KeyScrambler encrypts your keystrokes deep in the kernel, giving keyloggers “scrambled,” meaningless keys to record.

  • Defeats known and unknown keyloggers without needing constant signature updates.
  • Is compatible with other security programs and tokens and smart cards.

KeyScrambler encrypts your keystrokes deep in the kernel itself and thus prevents any chances of a keylogger logging your keystrokes.

KeyScrambler Premium starts the minute you turn on your computer and protects your Windows logon. It encrypts your keystrokes in over 150 applications in 17 categories, from popular browsers and online games to finance programs and office suites. It gives out only random characters that are meaningless for keyloggers.

keyscrambler protecting logon
keyscrambler protecting logon
keyscrambler protecting firefox
keyscrambler protecting Firefox

The company offers three suits Personal, Premium and Professional.

Personal suit is free of cost and secures only Mozilla Firefox and internet explorer.

It’ also available as a Firefox add-on.

For more info visit their website :

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