Laptop Buying Guide: Laptops For Gamers

Laptops for gamers are more like a substitute to your desktop. A good gaming laptop is always going to be on a but higher price than the conventional laptops. Gaming laptops often need to pack a lot of processing power, large reserves of RAM and giant, high-resolution displays to make your gaming experience as realistic and impressive as possible. This doesn’t mean that you will have to always sell an arm,a leg and your 32 teeth to get it.Just Follow this Guide to know what exactly makes a Good gaming laptop.

It’s always argued that laptops are not meant for gaming but now everyday with every other product  gap between desktops and laptops is rapidly closing. Laptops have combined portability and power into a single compact device to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience.

What to look for when buying a Gaming Laptop ?

#1. Graphics Card graphics-card

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a gaming device is its mind-blowing graphics for hyper-realistic renderings of both familiar and fantastical landscapes. SO the Graphics Hardware should have enough muscle to make sure that your latest FPS game experience doesn’t turn into a Frame by frame Flip-book.The Graphics card that are available for a Desktop are sure more powerful and big also. The ones used in a laptop are however designed for portability and thus are often of small form factors. Recently it has been possible to get an affordable laptops with dual video cards.NVIDIA’s SLI technology harnesses the power of two video cards at the same time. While choosing a Graphics Processor make sure you get enough of it to play the Games that are still cooking and would be released the next year.

#2. Processor

processor_for_gamingGaming laptops these days are pack a Quad core processor as a standard . Those which fall in the High end Gaming hardware category often have a device with around 2.0 GHz or more. Try to get second gen i7 CPU, for your High-end Gaming device. Though i5 would be recommended for a Mid-range Gaming rig

#3. RAM

The amount  of RAM that your System has is also  very crucial factor in deciding the kind of gaming experience that you will get. Try to get an offering with around 4GB RAM.6GN to 8 GB of  RAM are also becoming very common. But remember that the full 8GB is not utilized unless you are doing a lot of multitasking so don’t go for an overkill on your RAM.

#4. Storage/ Hard Disk vs SSD

SSD vs HDDRemember SSD is still new and thus is still Costly than a Hard Disk. As far as performance is concerned  the SSD will load the game faster than the Hard Disk, however you will gain no increase in actual FPS performance. The other thing is, you will load levels/maps faster, but unless you are playing an MMO where the first person in a level usually gets better loot or something, you just end up waiting for everyone else who has a HDD.

If you play only a handful of games, and can afford the cost of an SSD, get one. It makes the whole system appear fast. However, if you play a lot of games, and a lot of different games, go with one fast, large 7200 RPM HDD. SSD’s are fast, but they are really expensive and the storage you get it’s going to be tough for gamers mostly because the majority of new games are at least 10 GB.

Read this Documentation for further reading on SSD vs HDD

#5. LAN and Accessories

What is the use of a Gaming Laptop if you can’t take it to your friend’s room for a LAN gaming party. Make sure that you have the latest WiFi installed in your system.

Other Accessory that you must for is a HDMI port if you want to connect a larger display like your LCD to your laptop.Blu-ray disc drives, eSATA, USB 3.0 are recommended.

#6. Screen Size gaming-monitor

Now this is a category where one can definitely say that size does matter,15, 17, 18 and even 20+ inch (though difficult to get) displays are available on gaming laptops. Make sure your laptop supports full 1080p resolution. There also smaller form factors available like 11 inch laptops that pack a lot of power with the best portability go for them if you want a really portable option and would like to play always on the move.

#7. Support/Warranty

All this power and performance along with portability is sure to cost you a handsome amount of money if not an arm and a leg. Make sure that you get an Extended warranty. Make sure that your dealer or site of purchase has all the necessary support facility just in case you need them.

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