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Business laptops is a category where one must be quite careful while selecting a product. Business demands that your system should be portable, powerful and secure. It’s a well-known fact that in business time is money so you may want to keep your system as fast as possible at the same time considering the cost as well.

Here is a complete list of major things you must keep in mind while shortlisting a laptop for business purpose:

#1. It’s all about Power, Selecting CPU and RAM

i7As already mentioned in business Time is Money so make sure that your laptop is powerful enough to handle your job smoothly. It must have an Intel Core i5 microprocessor or better. AMD chips are not advised as Intel chips are far more reliable in most of the benchmarks. If your budget allows, go for a i7 processor to be on the safer side. Make sure that the processor has a speed of at least 2.2 Ghz or more.

At least 4GB of Ram is recommended. This means that in order to utilize your system resources to the maximum you must use a 64 bit OS, as 32 bit OS can only use 3.25 GB of RAM effectively.

#2.  Where to Store all your Data, Selecting Storage

storage_hard_diskIt’s quite important that the device that you are going to buy has an adequate amount of space for you to store all you documents and files. Make sure that you get at-least 500GB to 750GB storage. HDD must be 7200 RPM or even solid state if you can afford it. Though SSD (solid state drive) have very meager space and are costly, due to absence of any movable part they are very rugged and thus best when subjected to rough treatment.

#3. Battery Backup

BatterySince you are on the hunt for a business laptop you may never want to run out of power. Make sure that your battery has enough juice to squeeze while you are on the move. Select a 9 cell battery to get the most power if you are always at a place where you can’t plugin your laptop to a power outlet. Though this may add some extra weight to your laptop, the more “cells” you go for, the longer the battery life.

#4. Connectivity

wireless-connection-iconEvery laptop these days has WI-Fi built-in. Just in case you are at a place where the WI-Fi connectivity isn’t available you may want to use mobile broadband, or 3G wireless modems. Some laptop vendors provide these modems integrated for a nominal fee. However you will have to bear the data charges as per the service provider.

#5. Graphics Card

Until and unless you are a designer or a professional using a lot of designing apps that require a lot of GPU power you don’t need a very powerful graphics card. Just get any entry-level Graphics Card being offered. Even the integrated graphics option is a good option in most of the cases. But then make sure that Photoshop CS5, high-definition video creation, 3D graphics or CAD software do demand a good Graphics Card, so make your choice based on your need.

#6. Other Things Worth Considering.

Other things that you must keep in mind before selecting a business laptop are :

  • Try to get extended warranty for your device as it really helps in case of an accident or theft.
  • Screen size purely depends on your need. For most of you a 13 inch laptop would be good for portability while a 15 inch laptop offers balance between portability and looks.
  • Always select a laptop from a branded company like HP, Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba or Sony as they provide good service and quality.
  • Battery life is very crucial in business laptops so make sure you get the most of it.
  • While choosing a processor try to find the right balance between power and efficiency.

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