Laptop Buying Guide 2012: Laptops For College Students

Nowadays rarely is a study that would not be using a computer in someway or the other. With students a Laptop is surely the best option to provide them with the needed portability and freedom. Read on to know what all things you must consider before buying a laptops for College Student.

#1. Priceprice_tag

If you are a student then the first thing that should come to your mind is your budget for your Laptop, make sure you have enough money to pay your tuition fees after buying laptop.

#2. Screen Sizelaptop-screen-size-comparisons

Since we want a Laptop for a college student two things must be kept in mind while deciding the product specs, first is portability, second economical. Going for a large screen size laptop would mean a bulkier and difficult to carry around laptop. Consider the screen size before buying the laptop. If you plan to take your laptop to every class in your backpack, you are probably looking at a 12″ or a 13″ notebook.Those who want really portable devices 13″ inch screen would also do good, while those who want slightly bigger screen 15″ inch is the best option to go for. A 17″ inch laptop for student purpose i suppose is always an overkill.

#3. Processor

Now this really depends on for what purpose are you going to use your laptop. For most of the students who would never deal with CPU extensive process like graphic design,rendering and all Intel’s core i3 would be a decent choice. If your work demands more CPU juice go for Intel core i5 2430 at least.

#4. Hard Disk SizeHard Disk

When at college everyone knows that a laptop would not be confined to study material only but would also store data of all sorts, musics,photos. So a decent 500 GB is recommended to meet the storage needs.

#5. Safety and Security Features

As far as security on the software side is concerned most of the companies provide a trial version of antivirus, but it’s always good to keep an updated antivirus to protect you from unnecessary problems.For data security look if your deal includes online backup storage if yes then grab it.

And sadly enough Laptop thefts in hostels and colleges is quite a common thing so you must consider to get yourself  Universal Security Slot (USS), which takes a cable lock most laptops in the market come with these.Just get a cable lock (these are cheap around Rs 150) and lock your Laptop.

Lock cable
Universal Security Slot

#6. Warrantywarranty

Since you are going to stay in college for around four years it’s quite necessary to make sure that the laptop lasts all these years. It would be wise if you get extended warranty to increase the chances of saving some bucks. Try to get accidental damage cover also.

#7. Operating Systemwindows-mac-os-linux

Choosing the most appropriate Operating System is also very important. Since most of the Macs are very expensive they are not a preferred choice.  Windows is the most popular Operating System and is not very expensive, moreover these come pre-installed in most of the laptops these days. Some engineering programs, such as AutoCAD and Pro/Engineer, are available only for Windows. So Windows is a preferred choice.

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