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Reading the specifications when buying a laptop is not just about having a look at the brand and the price tag. Selecting a good laptop involves careful consideration of various aspects that decide the device performance. Since while buying a laptop you must be tormented by a lot of questions, this particular post answers all your laptop related queries to help you choose the best laptop that suits your needs.

Questions to ask to yourself before buying a Laptop

Here is a list of questions that you must ask to yourself before you begin the hunt for that perfect device for yourself.

  • What is the purpose of this laptop ?
  • How much battery life would I need?
  • What is more important: Portability or Power?
  • What is my budget?

People buy laptops for different reasons and usage. I have already written covered Laptop buying under various categories :

Laptop for Gamers

If you want to buy a gaming laptop that could replace your old desktop so that you can play all the latest games while on the move then this category is for you. Read this post to know what all you must consider before you decide which laptop to get: Laptop Buying Guide :Laptops For Gamers

Laptop for Business

If you need a laptop for business purposes where you would be mostly doing your office work online and offline then you must read this post: Laptop Buying Guide : Business Laptops

Laptop for College or School Students

Just in case you are a school or college student and want a laptop to assist you in your academics this the perfect post for you to get an insight so as to what to consider before buying laptop: Laptop Buying Guide : Laptops For College Students

What are the other things to consider:

The major things that you must consider before selecting a good laptop are :

  • Processor – CPU
  • Memory – RAM
  • Storage – Hard Drive
  • Screen Size
  • Service and Maintenance

These are the five most important things to consider before buying a laptop. Let’s have a look at them:

Processor – CPU:

This is perhaps the heart and brain of your computer so you should pay a lot of attention in selecting this. It determines how smoothly things are going to operate. I would suggest that you go for an Intel chip. Better be on the safer side by buying a core i5 for a medium range laptop with good balance between power and cost. For high-end systems a core i7 is recommended since four physical and four virtual cores together do make a very powerful system. Core i3 is recommended if you are looking for a laptop for just surfing the net and watching movies and you don’t intend to use it for hard-core gaming or image processing or any other CPU extensive process.

Memory – RAM:

When deciding on RAM make sure that you get around 4GB of RAM at least. You must also be aware of the fact that 32 bit OS can only use 3.25 GB of RAM effectively so if you are planning  of adding any more memory then better consider going for a 64 bit OS.

Better stick with around 4 GB of RAM as it would be just enough to handle all your multitasking.

Storage – Hard Drive:

When it comes to storage it is never enough. But I would suggest that you must go for at least 500GB to 750 GB of disk space these days considering the size of documents and HD content being so very common.

If you are considering buying a SSD device then remember SSD is still new and thus is still Costly than a Hard Disk. As far as performance is concerned  the SSD will  make the whole system appear fast. However, if you play a lot of games, better go for a fast 7200 RPM HDD. SSD’s are fast, but they are really expensive and with the storage you get it’s going to be tough for gamers mostly because the majority of new games are at least 10 GB in size.

Screen Size:

Screen Size affects  the portability of your device and also the multimedia experience that you are going to experience.

If you are a hard-core HD and Blu-ray fan then make sure that your device is equipped with a screen resolution of  1920*1080, but these days most companies offer 1368*768 screen resolution.

A 15″ laptop is a good balance between good multimedia experience and portability. If your demand is greater portability then go for smaller screen sizes. If you want the ultimate HD and Gaming experience and portability is not an issue for you then better opt for  a 17″ laptop. A 17 ” laptop would be very bulky though.

3D laptops – Buy or not:

3d-laptop-releaseProvided with the fact that 3D laptops are certainly costlier than the regular ones I would suggest better stay away from them, until and unless you want a 3D device only. Moreover for gamers very few titles are available in 3D and so are the number of Movies.

Services and Maintenance:

Make sure that you go for a reputed brand so that they can offer you all the service and Maintenance that you demand.

For warranty go for an extended warranty in case you are an accident prone person or  student as it really helps in the long run. Make sure that the service center of the brand you select is nearby so that you don’t have to run a mile to reach it.

How important is Brand?

Well these days brand name is not that important, as long as you select any of the major brands. Go for reputed PC manufacturers like HP, Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba or Sony. They provide good service and quality.

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