Before getting into comparing LG G3 vs Oppo Find 7 let me tell you my experience. A month back I received Oppo Find 7 for reviewing. I put the device on charge(as it was dead) and the moment charging symbol got displayed on the screen I went wow. That was the first time when I saw a QHD screen on a smartphone. It looked so gorgeous that I couldn’t wait to turn ON the device and dive into it. And the experience was royal.

So Just a week ago when one of my friend asked me what cell to buy, I asked his budget and the moment he said Rs. 40k I told him to go for Oppo Find 7 (as I didn’t know about LG G3’s specs that time). Then he asked me about LG G3 and we headed to nearest store to see the device as I never suggest anyone any device without using it.

LG-G3-Front Oppo-Find-7-Front


I took LG G3 and when I unlocked it it felt same as Oppo Find 7 as both LG G3 and Find 7 sports QHD displays and remain the only devices in the market with 2560 x 1440px QHD display. This kind of display obviously churns out a lot of power but you should surely see how beautiful it looks.

Oppo Find 7
Oppo Find 7


[clear]In this post I will not talk about the specs as much, as they are easily accessible on internet (or you might have already seen them and you are not able to decide which one to go with). I will only talk about the differences between the two and help you make a decision out of it.

Lets start with the form-factor of the devices. Both the devices sport same 5.5 inches display, but Oppo Find 7 is wider, thicker and heavier than to LG G3. Find 7 is also taller as it has capacitive buttons below the screen for navigation where as LG G3 have them on screen. So form wise, LG G3 is more preferable as it is smaller and easy to grab in hand.

About the build quality, I found Oppo Find 7 more premium to hold because of its modern and clean design and a more “grippy” textured back. Its not that that LG G3 is not premium build, it sports a aluminium look but it just feels more slippery in hand as compared to Find 7. Oppo also sport a cool notification light which they call “The Skyline” which looks beautiful.


The display on both the devices is same. They both sport a marvelous display. One thing I noticed is that Oppo Find 7 produces more warmer colors and looks good. Colors on LG G3 is more cooler.

LG G3 comes in two variants, 16 GB internal memory with 2 GB RAM and a 32 GB memory with 3 GB RAM. Oppo Find 7 sports 32 GB internal memory with 3 GB RAM. Both can be expanded upto 128 GB with external memory card. However both LG G3 32 GB and Oppo Find 7 comes for approximately same price(Now).

Front facing camera on Oppo Find 7 sport a 5MP sensor and takes great selfies (exceptionally good). However LG G3’s front facing camera sport 2.1MP sensor. Selfies on LG G3 are also good but not as good as Find 7. The primary camera on both devices sport a 13 MP sensor which clicks great sharp images. One thing to notice is that Find 7 ‘s camera doesn’t come with a optical image stabilizer and the videos captured are bit shaky. LG G3 sport a new Laser autofocus system which is really good for focusing in dark conditions.

Oppo-Find-7-Back LG-G3-Back


Both devices sport custom android experience. Oppo Find 7 comes with Color OS based on Android 4.3 which is bright and looks great and comes with many custom tricks. LG G3’s custom UI is based on Android 4.4.2 and I found it less intuitive as a user. Both user interfaces are far from stock android experience and both hold good features compromising on intuitiveness.

Battery on both the devices are same at 3000mAh. Battery capacity is great and can easily give a backup of full day moderate use. I noticed that battery on Oppo Find 7 drains faster as compared to LG G3. Oppo Find 7 comes with a great rapid charge technology from VOOC which charges the battery from 0% to 75% in just 30 minutes (I tested it the first time I charged the device) which is always great in current era where life is so busy that we don’t even have time to charge our devices.

One thing great of Oppo Find 7 is its sound output quality. Speakers on Find 7 are great and can’t be matched to other smartphones because of its good High and Low frequency response. The songs played on the device were so lively which I liked the most.

I must say that both the devices are great on paper as well in real life usage. Both of these devices are the flagship models of their respective manufacturers and the best the manufacturer has produced. Its your call if you want to go for Oppo, a Chinese manufacturer which is trying to establish themselves with greatly build devices or LG, a Korean manufacturer which already have a history of producing good devices.

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