lg Cloud service my media box

LG following the footsteps of Apple Inc.’s iCloud, Microsoft skydrive, Google Drive and HTC partership Dropbox made LG to launch it’s own Cloud Service on today know as LG Cloud.

lg Cloud service my media box
The LG Cloud service will be available on Android smartphones, Smart TVs and Computers. It stores your multimedia content directly to your dedicated LG cloud account. The LG cloud app can be download from Google play and LG SmartWorld App Store. The app automatically sync your Photos, Songs, Videos and all files to your LG cloud account and then make it available to your computer and Smart Tvs. Besides this users can watch their smartphones videos on SmartTv and Pc without waiting much and by not using any 3rd party software to play the videos on pc. LG uses the Real Streaming Transcoding Technology that makes the video conversion to take place on the LG’s servers in real-time.

Right now LG cloud service is in beta  in both free and paid version and can be downloaded from Google Play.

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