nexus 4 and htc one x

In one corner we have, LG Nexus 4, a smartphone whose sales started this Diwali is incredibly one of the best smartphones available in the market. In the other corner, we have another smartphone launched in February this year and which has already established in the market, HTC One X. Let us see who does fight it out and wins the bout. Both of the contenders are equally powerful but when it comes to a fight it is what they have really inside them which makes them win over the other one.

nexus 4 Vs htc one x

LG Nexus 4 Vs HTC One X

Round 1 : Design

LG Nexus 4 is quite flat on both of the sides of its body i.e front and back cover, the top end and the bottom end have angular cut. HTC One X on the other hand is a bit curvy on the back side but as regular smartphones, the front side is absolutely flat. When we talk about the dimension of Nexus 4 it is 69 x 134 x 9 mm and similarly dimensions of HTC One X are 70 x 135 x 9 mm. So, Nexus 4 is only a slightly smaller than HTC One X. In case, we compare the on the basis of weight, Nexus 4 is 139 g and HTC One X is 130 g only, so here also HTC One X clearly beats the Nexus 4. The Screen Size of both the smart phones is exactly same that is, 4.7 inches diagonally.

Comparison Verdict : Being a bit curvy, lighter in weight and even bigger in dimensions, HTC One X wins this bout over LG Nexus 4. But this just round one and still we have many rounds to come, lets see what happens.

Round 2 : Operating System

Since the LG Nexus 4 is quite newer as compared to HTC One X, it has the newer Operating system i.e. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, while, HTC One X has Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Nexus 4 has the updated version of Jelly Bean installed so but obviously it has some more options, to beautify the experience while working with it. But Nexus 4 does not has Adobe Flash Support while the other counterpart already has it.

Comparison Verdict : As we have seen that Nexus 4 has newer version of Android OS but HTC One X has a bit older Android OS, so Nexus 4 wins the bout over HTC One X.

Round 3 : Processor

In this respect also, both of the smartphones being quite similar to each other. The CPU speed or the clock frequency on which the CPU works is 1.5 GHz for both of the smartphones. The processor of Nexus 4 and HTC One X is quite similar. The Processor in these we find is a quad-core processor. Chipset used to build Nexus 4 is APQ8064 Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro . In case of HTC One X, the chipset is NVIDIA Tegra 3 AP33. The Processor in these devices is from the same vendor.

HARDWARE comparisons nexus 4 vs htc one x

Comparison Verdict : In this bout, both the smartphones showed off their power equally and hence this bout is declared as a draw between the two. None of the competitor wins over since both are powered by the same internals.

Round 4 : Physical Memory

Physical Memory plays a critical role while comparing two smartphones as the main source capabilities can be judged using these specifications. The physical or the primary memory in Nexus 4 is 2GB. While, that in case of HTC One X is only 1 GB.

htc one x vs nexus 4 memory


Comparison Verdict : Since we know larger the primary memory, greater are the capabilities of the device, so Nexus 4 clearly overrides HTC One X and wins the bout one-sided.

Round 5 : Secondary Memory

The internal inbuilt memory makes a great difference as more is the memory, larger amount of data can be stored into it. Nexus 4 has got only 8 GB of internal secondary memory, whereas HTC one X has 32 GB of internal memory. Such a large memory is so much useful as you can store the large amount of files and even files those are larger in size in itself. While the external memory card slots are missing in both the devices.

Secondary Memory htc one x vs nexus 4


Comparison Verdict : HTC One X rises again against Nexus 4 strongly and takes over the bout completely.

Round 6 :  Display

Display, is the most attracting feature of the smartphone. Sometimes a buyer ignores some really bad features inside the smartphone which has a nice display. The first you will notice about the display is that, it is 4.7 inches in these devices, yes it is same in both. 4.7 inches is quite a big display and looks pretty cool. The display in both the devices is fully HD. The Screen resolution of Nexus 4 is 1280 x 768 pixels. On the other hand the screen resolution of HTC One X is 1280 x 720 pixels. The screen in Nexus 4 is a IPS LCD while in One X it is Super IPS LCD2 technology based. Both have 16M colors, and a capacitive multi-touch screen. The pixel density of Nexus 4 screen is 318 ppi and that of the other is 312 ppi.

screen size Nexus  4 vs htc one x


screen resolution htc one x vs Nexus 4

Comparison Verdict : This bout was a stretchy one and the competitors gave tough fight, but ultimately the bout came out with result. HTC One X wins the bout even if it had less pixels but it had more advanced and better quality screen display technology.

Round 7 : Camera

Camera is one of the favorite part of any smart phone as it joins you with your social life on social websites and does many more things. Camera of Nexus 4 has 8MP resolution same as HTC One X. LED Flash is also present in both smartphones. Coming onto the camcorder quality, Nexus 4 and HTC one X, both shoot the fully HD video. But difference comes on the basis of frame per second. As we know more the number of frames, better is the video quality, Nexus 4 records with 30 fps while the counterpart records with 23 fps. Another camera is present on the front side. This one is 1.3 MP in resolution for both the devices.

CAMERA comparisons htc one x vs Nexus 4Comparison verdict : Again a very close fight between the two while comparing the camera quality, but Nexus 4 slightly takes up the courage over HTC One X and wins the bout.

Round 8 : Connectivity

Connectivity defines how easily and swiftly data can travel over the network or just a bluetooth connection. The bluetooth technology in both is quite swift, as it is 4.0. Both of them supports WiFi standards 802.11 b,g.n but HTC One X including these also supports 802.11 a standard, providing a slight edge over Nexus 4. Rest features like USB, Headphone jack, charging cable and HDMI are all same in both and no difference occur in these.

Comparison Verdict : The bout was strong but the competitors are stronger too. So the bout resulted in a draw here.

Round 9 : Battery

Battery is a very important component of smartphone as the life depends on this only. We all know that, battery usage depends on various aspects, but here while considering we have set the same settings in both the devices. The battery life or the talk time of Nexus 4 is 720 min but when we talk about the talk time of HTC One X it is just 600 min. The battery structure is just same in both, but the difference is created due to the capacity of charge stored in the battery. The battery of Nexus 4 stores a charge of 2100 mAh while the other smartphone’s battery stores only 1800 mAh.

TALKTIME comparisons htc one x vs Nexus 4

Comparison Verdict : What makes a phone last long is the battery, so more talktime more is the battery life and more the phone lasts long. Here we found that HTC One X gave a tough fight, but Nexus 4 took over and won the bout here again with greater battery capacity to keep live its huge screen

Round 10 : Media and Entertainment

In this field, what I feel is both the devices are equally loaded with features, whether we talk about the audio or video, YouTube. One thing where Nexus 4 lags behind HTC One X is it does not has a Radio Function on it. While radio is not a big deal, rest of the features are same in both the devices.

Comparison verdict : Since both of them have similar features, so it is not possible to make out the winner of this bout, it just the radio function which will let HTC One X to win over Nexus 4.

All the Infographics are created by author.

Final verdict

Observing all the bouts carefully, it is quite difficult to make that who will be the clear winner as both of them give a very tough fight and fought ferociously. But in only some parts we find Nexus 4 overpowers HTC One X and those bouts take it to the winner podium.

What do you think about the comparison, tell us about your views on these smartphones in the comments section. Also mention if we missed out something.

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