List of best Free VPN Services to Unblock YouTube or any Blocked site.

Free VPNs to Unblock YouTube & Facebook

With so many VPN service providers and tools available today, finding one that is good and meets your needs is not an easy task and it is time-consuming as well. To save you from all this trouble, I compiled a list of the best free VPN services and tools to use for Windows and Mac OSX.

These tools will help you secure your privacy and unblock YouTube videos and other sites at school, office, and university.

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Why you should use VPN to secure your privacy online (Windows/Mac)?

A Virtual Private Network allows you to fake your original location so that you remain undetected. Also, you can access public and private networks or a Wi-Fi connection without sharing your personal information.

You can hide your identity online by using one of the best VPN tools to protect your privacy. Also, it encrypts all of your personal info to keep it safe from the ISP, government, proprietor, etc. Furthermore, you can access blocked contents by changing your Geo-location with a free VPN tool.

7 Best free VPN Software to use for Windows and OSX


TunnelBear is an outstanding free VPN software with impressive features. They don’t maintain your logs, which is perfect for secure and private browsing. It is the most suitable free VPN software for users for casual but private browsing where the usage isn’t going to be high. You can access all of its VPN locations after downloading the software. Just create an account and start using TunneBear VPN right away.

However, the free version doesn’t provide more than 500 MB browsing per month. But you can increase the limit by sharing this tool on social media. It has an affordable premium plan which you should check it out if you want unlimited browsing feature.


Spotflux comes next in the list of best free VPN software to use in 2017. It does show ads which are common for free software. But there’s a good thing about it, though. You can browse, stream and download without any restriction.

You can block malicious sites and work on multiple platforms without any trouble. No need to download the software on your computer as you can install Spotflux extension on your browser. You can download Spotflux from Chrome web store. Spotflux has a “privacy test” to scan sites to track cookies.  You’ll require premium version for blocking, which is going to cost $38 per year. is a Malaysian VPN site with a free VPN service. You can choose 28 servers from 22 countries. It has OpenVPN encryption to provide stable connection and active security feature. You’ll get a caption of 2GB usage monthly.


CyberGhost has been a popular choice for VPN.  You can start with the free version with ads on Windows, Mac, and Android. However, the version offers a limited bandwidth, and so it could be a problem if you stream youtube videos or do video calls online quite often.

CyberGhost comes with a one-click launching option to manage your browser session and VPN connection. No need to memorize two launch sessions in two different locations if you intend to go private. CyberGhost has most servers in Europe, but you’ll see good number of US-based location as well.


SurfEasy is similar to TunnelBear. However, it’s owned by Opera. You will get a reliable security from Wi-Fi, hackers, and snoops. You can access blocked contents while surfing anonymously. It allows you 2 GB data monthly, but you can get more bandwidth by sharing about their service with your friends, colleagues, and family. Do you need even more bandwidth? You have to pay as low as  $6.49/month to increase unlimited bandwidth.


If you need a VPN without any bandwidth restriction, you should take a look at VPNbook. It’s completely free, no monthly caps and no premium plans whatsoever. However, it’s not suitable for beginners as it has no installer, no software and lack of tutorials. You will see a list of servers, and you need to manage the rest on your own.

VPNBook lets you choose either PPTP VPN or OpenVPN. PPTP VPN is compatible with the most platforms. But OpenVPN is more reliable; you need to download an OpenVPN client with VPNBook to use it on your computer, though. You can change servers to United States, UK, and Europe.


VPNGate managed by Japan’s University of Tsukuba. It relies on volunteer computers. It’s an open source software and receives frequent updates to enhance the user’s experience. The main aim of this project to help people who can’t access their favorite contents due to strict government rules. It offers daily mirrors to protect all users even if the primary website goes down.

Unfortunately, the Uni project doesn’t allow Peer to Peer (no torrent or unauthorized access). They maintain logs and assist with police investigations if it’s necessary. That’s why I suggest you use this site only if you want to unblock one of your favorite websites to watch a video or read any information.

Final Verdict: What’s the best VPN software for Windows to Use (in 2017)

I’ve shown you the best VPNs software for Windows and OSX to use currently. You will get a limited bandwidth with the free plan, but you can use multiple services to increase your bandwidth or you can opt for unlimited bandwidth if you can spare a small amount for VPN service.

Did we miss any good VPNs? Please drop a comment.

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