List Of Most Intelligible Gadget TV Shows Of All Time

Here is finally the list which lists most of the popular and “good” gadget related TV shows and series. Science fiction movies have ruled the cine world, we never really knew about them much. News TV channels to prime time shows have enchanted the tech- lusted audience with quite panache. I have tried to mention the English TV shows and serial documentary styled shows. You need to check some of these out if you would like “to see” the tech world rather than “read”.

1. Gadget guru

This TV show is presented by ndtv good time. One of the longest running and very popular gadget shows on Indian Television – Gadget Guru, is a weekly half-an-hour show that has all the gadgets and all the gyan. Vikram Chandra and Rajiv Makhni are the most engaging anchors for the half hour of the show. They review, compare, give tips and information about anything related to gadgets in market. With a huge fan following, gadget guru has been on air for last three years and will keep on providing insights in the techno world for many more years to come.

2. Inspector gadget-

High-tech gizmos, a bumbling gumshoe clashes with the fiendish Dr. Claw. If we can have series related to supernatural sittings and UFO’s and even vampires with drama and the right amount of mystery ingredient, then why not something to do with gadgets and technology? Maxwell Smart-like crime fighter, his able niece Penny (a kind of pint-sized 99) and a faithful dog Brain will keep you engrossed till the end. It’s fun with lot of knowledge on ‘how to’ and ‘tricks’


3. The gadget show

The show previews and reviews the latest gadgets,  broadcasts, the latest technology news, an insight into the gadget world and in addition, The show has featured blu ray medias, new inventions and expectation which marks the  Internet multi media tablets and other technologies. The geekier the audience, the more the love for this show granted. A segment showing viewers how to get the most out of their technology is also often included along with a competition to win anything from £5,000 to £31,000 worth of new gadgets. Each series usually contains a special episode focusing on a particular technology.

 4. Gadget Girlz

This is an exciting new TV series that features the latest and greatest in innovation, consumer electronics and technology, scientific advancements. Each episode highlights new technologies, gadgets and related stories; from the newest innovations, to the coolest discoveries, including green gadgets, bizarre inventions, high tech advances, and a look back in history to see how far science and technology have come! The Gadget Girlz: Carolyn, Sasha, Ethel and Janelle are beautiful nerds and each Gadget Girl is educated and specializes in her own area of technological expertise! For those who think that females cant understand this world, you gotta see this.


5. It’s All Geek to Me

Is a television program created and hosted by david pogue. It first aired on May 18, 2007.this didn’t really made a mark among the other contemporaries but still this show defined “techno world” in an interesting way. The main motto was to make the layman understand and get interested in the gizmos around him. I don’t know how much this accomplished but the series proved to be an inspiration for the much better gadget shows of the future.


6. Extreme Machines

Is a television series aired on discovery channel.  Set in 5 seasons, with topics ranging from tanks, pedal power technology, worlds greatest ships, hovercrafts, speed freaking technology, incredible mechanics of some automobiles, smart weapons, underwater machines, rockets, Adrenaline Junkies….. most of the episodes focused on a particular dimension of gizmo and technology, making it a huge success among the geeks.


 7. Towards 2000

Debuted on the ABC in 1981 as a half-hour show dedicated to showcasing developments and inventions in science and technology. The 1980’s audience found it different and though it didn’t gained the popularity it was supposed to, the selected audience creed this series as the mother of all series.  Another series came up,


8.  Beyond 2000

Which switched to an hour-long format, the show moved to the Seven Network. This was a continuation of technology after 2000. Now the gadgets and technology you find is pretty much already televised in this show.


9. Extreme Engineering

Is a documentary formatted TV series.  The program features futuristic and ongoing engineering  projects.  Its a granted delight for students from the engineering breed. Even though it features some of the most complex narration (of course dude to the content and the format), once you get hold of the idea of its narration, its absolutely mind blowing. As of April 2011, the show is airing its ninth season.


10. The Next Step

Was a television show by richard hart that showcased the latest in cutting-edge technology and its applications from electric vehicles to virtual reality.The final segment of each show was dedicated to “Paul and Phil, The Answer Guys”. Hosted by noted radio hosts Paul Robbins and Phil Cowan, In this segment, Paul and Phil would answer technical questions mailed in by viewers. The first of its kinds to directly answer queries from the audience. They were awarded a couple of Emmy’s for their work on this segment.

11. Next world:

With seven episode and one season to last, this TV series revealed the technologies and inventions which would enable us to see through walls, travel through space and time, and colonize distant planets. It was a very sci fiction themed  show. One of its kind but lacked the promotion to be revived after season 1. Hope to see some more of such TV shows.



12. Myth buster-

Each MythBusters episode focuses typically on two or more myths, beliefs and questions which blaze the mind. The list of myths tested by the series is compiled from many sources, including the personal experiences of cast and crew, as well as fan suggestions, By the end of each episode, the myths are rated “busted”, “plausible”, or “confirmed.” This is one hell of a show and the torrent downloads still show a rise among series lovers who download this show to quench their thirst about gadgets and technologies apart from many other branches.


13. Buzz Out Loud,

“CNET’s podcast of indeterminate length,” or BOL, as it is affectionately titled by its fans, was a weekly podcast about technology at its best. The show was hosted by Molly wood, Brian Tong, and producer Stephen Beacham and various rotating guest hosts.  Buzz Out Loud was named in Apple’s iTunes Best of 2008 under ‘Classic Audio Podcasts.’ It was announced on episode 1586 that the final show would air on Thursday, April 5, 2012. The final show, episode 1588, titled “Loved the Show”, brought together the current hosts and producer, Molly Wood, Brian Tong and Stephen Beacham, as well as original hosts, co-hosts and friends, including tom meritt, Veronica Belmont, Jason Howell rafe needleman and Donald Bell. There are live shows that include a live audience, made up of fans of the show, and discussions range from different products that the commentators have seen at the shows.


14. Gadget Geeks

This is a British television series which airs on sky1, and focuses on tech and gadgets. The series differs to the gadget show, in that it doesn’t just feature commercially available technology, but also specially-built items designed by the in-house “geeks”, who were a gang of geeks producing DIY gadgets and also using various gadgets from around the world. It was a hit among teens.



15. Bang Goes the Theory

Or ‘Bang’ (as it is often referred to by the presenters) is a British television science magazine series. It is definitely different from big bang theory, which is a rage today as was this show among the intelligent audience. It failed to attract the Medias as well as ratings due to its limited audience. The show employed a hands-on approach to test scientific theory and demonstrate how science shapes our world.


16. Tech Tyoz

This TV series by CNBC TV18, it was approached to reach out to the tech-shunted children and teens. Which purpose it achieved after fun episodes designed to make the boring technology and gadgets, interesting and easy. As judged from the title, the show viewed tech era as ecstasy, which gave pleasure to those who used.


17. Mobiles and more

This show by zee business is concentrated on mobiles, phones, devices of communications and gadgets from everyday life. ‘The housewives show’ as i would like to attribute it because of the featured technologies which were about everyday use of machines in human activities.

18. Click

This TV show by BBC is all about technology and its seed. The how and why and which is answered by this show. “Click” is perfect and the most accurate show which promotes research based technology and explains technology like no other. Anyone who knows BBC, they should know this wonderful show too, which is a product of one of the best documented channels of all times.



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