Lower iPhone Screen Brightness Below the Default and Improve battery life (Without Jailbreak)?

iPhones are considered to be the best smartphones in the world but there is one thing that they really need to work on. And that one thing is the battery performance of the smartphones. No matter how much you charge, you won’t be able to last a whole day with a single charge and only in some cases you can sail through.

We have already shared with you some tips to save iPhone’s battery life but one of the major culprit that drains most of the battery juice in the screen brightness. If you are keeping it at the lowest level and you think you can’t do anymore than than, then I would love to tell you that you are wrong.

lower screen brightness on iphone

You can easily lower screen brightness below the default level with some little settings and improve the battery performance further. No jailbreaking is required for this and no app is needed.

Steps to Lower Screen Brightness Below Default Level

Step 1: Set up the Zoom feature on your iPhone by going to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Zoom and make sure that the Show Controller is enabled in the settings.

Step 2: Now again go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility and scroll all the way down and select Accessibility Shortcut and then select Zoom.

Step 3: Now you need to triple-click the Home button of your phone and a small dark grey circle icon, which is the Zoom controller, will pop up on your screen. Tap on it and then Choose Filter from the menu and next you need to select Low Light. After this, you will notice that the brightness of your screen will dim considerably.

Step 4: Now you can pull up the Notification Center on your iPhone and further reduce the brightness level using the brightness control slider.

Note: Make sure that you stay in the Zoom feature for this trick to work. Because if you triple-click on the home button once again then you will exit the Zoom feature and your iPhone’s brightness levels will return to normal. So stay in the Zoom feature to keep your display dimmed.

Check out the Video tutorial:

I hope that you liked the article and if you are trying to preserve the remaining battery of your iPhone then this will help you a lot in maintaining the battery for a little longer than usual. Try it out and do let us know whether it helps the battery when you lower screen brightness on iPhone below the default level or not.

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