Manage Internet Bandwidth Limit With Bandwidth Meter BitMeter

If you are worried about your internet connection bandwidth and think that your ISP is in some way giving you lower bandwidth and download limit than proposed. Then you can try using bandwidth meter software like BitMeter.

BitMeter is a free bandwidth meter which allows you to visually monitor your internet connection by displaying a scrolling graph. This graph shows your upload and download speed over time.

There is more to BitMeter that meets the eye. When you run bitmeter for the first time, you see it running in the system tray along with a floating bar displaying your current upload and download speeds.

BitMeter : Best Internet Bandwidth Meter and Bandwidth Notifier

If you want to see statistics on your internet usage over a time period, then you can check out the statistics of bit meatier. To open statistics or check out different options provided by bitmeter bandwidth meter, you can do so by right-clicking on the system tray icon.

BitMeter : Best Internet Bandwidth Meter and Bandwidth Notifier

The statistics shows download and upload for the last few hours, last few days, and last few months.

If you want to look into a much simpler statistics of your internet usage then you can check out the Statistics Grid. Statistics Grid shows you your download and upload for the current day, current week, and current month in numbers. It also shows statistics for hours, days, and months respectively.

BitMeter : Best Internet Bandwidth Meter and Bandwidth Notifier

But the most important feature supported by bitmeter is the ISP Restriction. You may be aware of the fact that most ISP (Internet Service Providers) provides a bandwidth limit or download limit after which you’ll get lower download and upload speed or your internet connection will be closed until you pay for more bandwidth. I personally use an internet connection which drops its speed drastically after 10GB data usage, but it is an unlimited internet connection. Sometimes while downloading videos and songs, I lose track of my bandwidth usage and end-up losing my download limit of 10GB.

How to use bandwidth meter bitmeter to predict or keep a track of your bandwidth limit

Just try opening ISP Restriction of bitmeter from its system tray icon. You’ll see a new window with options like Period Start Date, Limit, Total Traffic, Download Traffic, and Alert Me.

BitMeter : Best Internet Bandwidth Meter and Bandwidth Notifier

Period Start Date is the starting date from which you want bitmeter you keep a track of your internet usage that is your download and upload.

The Limit is the amount of data which you want bitmeter to keep track of. Simply enter the amount of bandwidth which your ISP provides you like if you have 20GB plan put 20GB in it.

Total Traffic comprises of both download and upload traffic. I’ll prefer you to choose Download traffic only as nowadays ISP barely try to limit your uploads.

Alert Me is what really makes bitmeter very helpful. You can choose the limit to be from 70-90% (can be from 0-100). Whenever you reach a defined percentage of the Limit bandwidth, the bitmeter will warn you or alert you with a notification making you aware of the fact that your internet connection will shut down after some time.

BitMeter works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. It runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. I personally tested this software on Windows 7×64.

Closing Words: BitMeter is one of the best bandwidth meter that I’ve used so far. Though it doesn’t work on most wireless internet connections.  Other than that it is a must use software for daily internet users.

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