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Here’s another NEWS for the most buzzed words this month- MeeGo and Nokia N9!

When already a few people have limited MeeGo’s scope with Nokia’s N9, there are few others who are discovering opportunities with this new platform and its ecosystem. According to the latest reports a high-performance Android emulator named “Alien Dalvik” will be developed later this year to run unported, unmodified Android applications on Nokia’s N9 and other MeeGo powered mobiles. This emulator comes from a promising group known as Myriad!

Android MeeGoAndroid developers will not have to change their world to make their applications run seamlessly on MeeGo. They will just have to repack the .apk installer. Isn’t that easy for those who understand Android Language? Not only this, Myriad promises to make full use of the underlying hardware’s power and capabilities which will remove performance as an issue. They also claim that further complex integrations would be made easy for the developers as thy release their own SDK for Android.

A Myriad spokesman said that:

The experience of running Android apps on a MeeGo device is “seamless,” and should run as well as the native software.

Check out this preview released by Myriad of Alien Dalvik:

Myriad’s Alien Dalvik Preview

Myriad made an intelligent move as this is a totally new avenue yet to be explored by many, but Myriad is not the only one stepping into the world of Android emulators. RIM (Research in Motion) as well announced that – “Blackberry Playbook will be able to emulate Android application by this year”. Still considering Myriad: Android and MeeGo is a blissful combination that is noteworthy! With Nokia N9’s promising hardware and Android’s productive applications – it seems as this combination can do wonders especially when MeeGo is already in good books of companies like Hyundai, BMW, GM, Renault, Delphi and Peugeot.. who are planning to embed MeeGo in their vehicle’s computer system.

MeeGo might or might not go a long way in Nokia’s direction but it sure has attracted a lot of giants from around the industry. When world is looking with hopeful eyes on MeeGo, can Myriad’s Alien Dalvik emulator be a cherry on the cake and take the whole new “MeeGo World” to next level with Android? We would surely love to hear from you on this!

3 thoughts on “MeeGo Powered Nokia N9 will Run Android Applications Seamlessly

  • December 10, 2012 at 8:40 am

    i wish to have a way of porting android apps and games to my n9 without having to dual boot as i am not savy about these things would like to have a simple deb file that is easy to install surely someone else out there wants this as bad as i do can someone please help me

  • June 24, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    hey sir nice blog…i have also heard that Nokia is going to launch windows OS for its smartphones as my Nokia C5-03.I hope it’ll come for my mobile too.Anyways nice and knowledgeable blog…i didn’t know about it.Hey sir have you read my first blog which was about OLED technology.Let me send you a link please check and reply your view about it.


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