Meet Point: Your New Home Security Guard

Worried about the safety of your house when you are away? Planning to get closed circuit cameras and other complex security systems but the costs are stopping you from doing so? If you answered with a yes to the above 2 questions, this article here is just for you. Meet Point, a security assistant with a totally new concept.

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This small round device uses the variation in sounds in its environment to detect and break-ins in your house. Sounds like that of breaking glass, door opening and objects falling can be easily detected by Point. Not only that, Point can also detect movements in its surroundings and the moment it detects something like that, it will send a notification to your smartphone right away.


Point is the brainchild of four guys, Nils Mattisson, Fredrik Ahlberg, Marcus Ljungblad and Martin Lööf who came together to form a small company called Form. All the four members of the team are extremely talented and Mattisson has also worked with Apple from 2006 to 2013 in the design department where he developed ideas for new prototype products. The company was earlier based in Sweden from where they have now shifted their base to San Francisco.

“We found existing home security solutions too invasive. We wanted to know that everything was fine at home, but without having a camera in the living room. We wanted a softer, more balanced take on security. We created Point to make a stand: peace of mind without compromising the feeling of home.” – this is what the team had to say about their revolutionary product, Point.

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Point uses Wi-Fi to forward the notifications to the Point app on your smartphone and runs on batteries, which are shipped with the device and last about an year.

Another notable feature on Point is that the device processes all the information right there hanging on your wall without forwarding any information to the cloud service. So if any of you was worrying about the conversation taking place in the comfort of your house being uploaded to the cloud service, you can now be relieved of that worry.

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Apart from sensing voice and movements, Point can also detect abnormal temperatures and smoke in the room. You’ll also be saving on smoke detectors with Point. Not only smoke, it can measure he humidity in the air and amazingly, it can detect when it has been taken of the wall providing a fool-proof security system.

In case you you receive a notification about something unpleasant happening at your place, you can speak through your smartphone into Point speakers which could prove to be very useful at times.

The product will start shipping next year in July 2015 and will cost $69 for one device but will cost much less if ordered in larger quantities.

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What do you think of this new “mini security system” ? Do let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned for more updates.

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