OnePlus One Banned In India

Looks like it is not a very good start for smartphone manufacturers to set their foot in India. After Xiaomi was banned from selling their smartphones in India after a New Delhi court passed orders against Xiaomi from doing so following a legal tussle with Ericsson, it is now OnePlus‘s turn to face legal action. Much like Xiaomi, a New Delhi court has banned OnePlus from selling their flagship smartphone, also known as many by the flagship killer ‘One‘ in the Indian market.

OnePlus One Banned In India
OnePlus One Banned In India

OnePlus had just stepped foot into India with the One in early December which was being sold online through exclusively but it has now met an end.

The decision was taken by the New Delhi court following a case filed by Micromax against OnePlus. The allegations? As many of you here already know, Micromax has signed a deal with Cyanogen which prevents any other Cyanogenmod powered device from being sold in India and no one here is a stranger to the fact that OnePlus One runs on Cyanogenmod. Now many of you may argue that OnePlus holds the global rights for Cyanogen but Micromax holds exclusive Indian rights for Cyanogen which surpass those of OnePlus, or atleast thats what the New Delhi court thinks.

The court however allowed OnePlus to clear their current stock of One in India through They are barred from selling the next stock of Cyanogen powered OnePlus One smartphones in India. Here is the official statement issued by OnePlus on the matter:

In accordance with a judgment passed by the Delhi High Court, we will no longer be producing the OnePlus One with CyanogenMod to be sold in India.

We are still fully committed to serving our users in the region and, in light of this decision, are working to find a solution that will allow us to continue operations as soon as possible.

We regret the inconvenience this causes to OnePlus fans in India who have patiently waited for the opportunity to purchase the One.

But there no reason to worry for all the OnePlus One fans out there. As we all know, OnePlus is working on their own ROM based on Android 4.4.4 Kitkat which will be ready by January 2015. They have even launched a contest to pick a suitable name for their upcoming ROM. 10 finalists will get a OnePlus power ban each while the winner will get a 64 GB Sandstone Black OnePlus One and a round trip to Hong-Kong to the company’s headquarter where the winner will get to meet OnePlus’s CEO and the rest of the team.

OnePlus has been involved is some problem or the other since they stepped foot in India. Earlier, there was mass confusion regarding whether OnePlus One would run CyanogenMod or not and if they did, whether the users in India will be ale to receive the latest updates. And now they have faced a ban from the court. We just hope OnePlus can work something out with Cyanogen or Micromax and resume with their sales in India till they come up with their own ROM. What are your views on this? Leave your views in comments below and stay tuned for more updates.

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