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Micromax Unite 2 Green colour


Micromax, the Indian mobile manufacturer, who joined the competitive mobile place in India long back with its budget mobiles. Micromax in no time became the choice of every third Indian. The company launched devices with interesting specifications in competition to the international manufacturers and thus gained more fame than any other brand.

Recently, Micromax has launched another competitive device against Motorola. Motorola which was earlier owned by Google Inc. and now Lenovo planned the launch of 3 Android devices for budget device, mid-range and economic device segments.

Micromax A106 (Unite 2) Camera

Recently, the company introduced Moto E to the world which is considered to be the best mobile within a price bracket of Rs. 8,000. But, will Micromax let them rule the Indian market? It may be or may be not!

Micromax in competition to Moto E launched Micromax Unite 2 which costs you the same amount  when compared with Moto E but both the devices are completely different in terms of physical looks as well as the components inside. So, let’s check out my review for the Micromax Unite 2 and see what appealed me when I tested it at Micromax’s store!

Micromax Unite 2 with kitkat

Built & Physical Outlook of Unite 2! 

Micromax has always been using a very cheap kind of material for their devices exactly like Samsung. I don’t hesitate in saying that they continued the same trend for Unite 2 as well. The built quality for the device is the major point of disappointment for me. The device looks premium with its first looks but the myth fades away as soon as you grade it in hand.

Micromax has not introduced any new style statement for the device. What I felt that the device’s design is actually a blend of Micromax Canvas Doodle and Micromax Canvas HD. The button placement for the device is perfectly fine and a person with any size of palm or fingers can use them easily.

The three touch capacitive buttons at the bottom perform well. The back of the device comes with the stock Micromax camera placement with a Micromax Logo below it.

The device is left with an empty left side and the buttons are only available on the right side. However, the device comes with a removable battery and back panel.


Display can be a plus point for the Micromax Unite 2, though I am a high resolution display lover, but, still the display on the device  was not as bad as I expected it to be. The viewing angles on the device are pretty good actually and the color distribution on the screen also adds plus point to the device.

The Auto brightness option for the device was present but I couldn’t personally test it because the officials didn’t allow me to take the device outside. However, I tested the brightness control of the device in the indoor lights and it performed decently.

The video quality for the device was also very good and the display can bring many customer’s attention because for me, it’s the best part of device at such an affordable price bracket.

UI & Interface Micromax A106 aka Unite 2

As mentioned earlier, Micromax Unite 2 is the first Android 4.4.2 device from the company. However, from the latest stats, it is revealed that the Android Kitkat is presently occupying only 4% of the Android user’s share in the world.

The UI for the device looked very much stock but there were little bit of changes in the icons of the device. The rest of the part for the interface is completely same as Motorola Moto E.

UI of the device is very impressive not because of Micromax’s work but because of Google’s work on the Android Kitkat. The smoothness of the UI is spectacular.


The processor of the device is 1.3 GHz MT6582M Quad Core, which is very effective for the functioning of the device. Though the device comes with 1 gigs of RAM, the processor handles the applications and the UI of the device quite perfectly.

The RAM management for the device is also good. The usage of RAM was about 40% and rest of the space was free. The processor on the device can handle the hard core games much easily like Asphalt 8.  I played some games like Virtual Tennis on the device which is a very high graphics game and the device performed very well.


The major point about Micromax Unite 2 in comparison with Moto E is about camera. The camera of Unite 2 comes with a flash light for shooting in dark. However, when I tested the camera without flashlight it performed equally good as Moto E. However, the quality of pictures with flashlight were decent.

Power Management of Unite 2

The power management for the device is magnificent.  The major improvements in Android Kitkat lies in power saving and the device carries that title. The battery backup of the device stunned me. I juggled with the device for about an hour and the amount of battery drained out  from it was about 6%.

The internal readings of the device shows up a standby time of 68+ hours without charge. So, I consider the device to be a very good player in terms of power management.

Final Verdict 

The device is quite impressive. If you are a Micromax lover then you must go for the device. The process and battery management for the device is really good. The display is also a plus point for the device. Stay tuned with us for a head to head fight between other key players of the market.

Where to buy?

You can get it on flipkart and Amazon [amazon template=tgd large image&asin=B00KLU9X98]

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