Minitool Partition Wizard

Windows Disk Management tool is pretty useful, when it comes to create and wipe partition. However, it seems useless when you need to do any other things such as convert NTFS to FAT, MBR to GPT (or, vice versa), split partition without formatting and so on. Minitool Partition Wizard is such a great partition management software for Windows, which helps users to do various things. This article is all about Minitool Partition Wizard. You can find various useful features of this software, which can solve your basic and complicated partition problems.

Minitool Partition Wizard Features and Pricing

This is generally available at free of cost. However, it also has other editions, which costs a minimum of  $39 and they have different features too.

Minitool Parition Wizard

The Free edition has comparatively less features. It contains the following options,

  • Resize partition
  • Create/delete/format partition
  • Split partition
  • Align partition
  • Copy disk
  • Partition recovery
  • Rebuild MBR
  • Convert file system
  • Convert disk style

Not only these features, but also it has some other helpful features as well.

Professional Edition

Apart from all the features of Free version, you will get the following features in Professional edition, which costs $39.

Server Edition

It generally works on Windows Server PCs. It has all the Professional Edition’s features but it costs $129.

Enterprise Edition

It comes with all features of Professional edition. However, you can use it on Windows Server PCs. Apart from that, it allows usage within Business Environment and you can use it on unlimited computers. This version costs $399.

Technical Edition

Technical Edition costs around $699 and it has all features of Enterprise Edition. But, you can use it on limited PCs within limited companies.

Other Features of Minitool Partition Wizard Free Edition

Apart from those aforementioned features, any free version user can get the following options,

  • Migrate OS to SSD – it works great since the basic Disk Management tool of Windows doesn’t allow users to do so.
  • Surface Test – this option helps users to check bad sectors of their hard disk. It seems useful, when someone has deleted any partition due to any error.
  • Convert Primary partition to Logical and vice versa – if you need primary partition instead of logical, simply use this option to make this conversion.
  • Convert GPT to MBR style – Windows cannot be installed on a GPT partition style. You must have a MBR style to get things done. If you have GPT partition style, you can easily convert that into MBR using Minitool Partition Wizard.
  • Extend partition without formatting – although, Windows’ Disk Management option helps users to do the same but a little carelessness can lead you to wipe entire drive. However, Minitool Partition Wizard allows users to do the same with safe options.
  • Change Partition type ID – all partitions have a different type ID, which is generally useless for a regular Windows user. Nevertheless, if you want to change that, you can right click on any partition and select Change Partition Type ID.

Change partition type ID using minitool partition wizard

  • Hide partition – if you want to hide any partition due to any reason, you can simply head over to this tool instead of any complicated DOS command. Just select any partition, click on Hide Partition from the left pane and Apply the change.

hide partition using minitool partition tool

Final Word

Instead of using Windows Disk Management tool, this is far better to make use of Minitool Partition Wizard, which comes at free of cost and with better features.

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