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Relief Centers And Helpline Numbers For Hudhud Victims

As many of you know or might have heard about in the past couple of days, hundreds and thousands of villages on the eastern coast of India are being evacuated by the Indian government. People in large numbers are getting away from the coasts and moving to safer lands in search of shelter. The reason

Barcodes and QR Codes in daily life : Part 1


Barcodes and QR codes have been part of our lives for a long time, they carry a lot of information on a very small place, and these can be used for many of our needs. The thing with these codes is that we tend to ignore them as we feel they are not much important and many

Best Airfare Comparison Websites

Before technology made into our lives, things like travel planning were done through actual humans we called travel agents but their shop didn’t run long enough, Thanks to OTAs or Online Travel Agents. It took your whole process online and served your every need, it still does. Those of you who have travelled a lot

4 Best Services To Test Your Internet Speed

Measure Bandwidth with Bandwidth Place

Surely, there are loads of choices to test your internet connection speed, be that as it may, a few applications and destinations offer a bigger number of subtle elements than others. On the off chance that your office’s or home’s Internet connection speed appears to be moderate, then the first step is benchmarking it for

Can Big Data Be A Business Enabler or Just Another Passing Fad?

  Social media platforms have today managed to garner speculating attention in the field of business and analytics. The outcome of such a diversified zone of social interaction enables the companies to earn lot of opportunities to gain business effectively. Big Data has now become a business enabler in various organizations and gives the leverage