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For the Linux Novice

linux novice

Are you thinking of trying out Linux? Fed up of everyday battles with Virus and Antivirus? Wanna give this open sourced free software a try? Well then this post is exclusively for you.An insight into what you shall find here. Which one to select? What more do I need? What should I know? What about

Use GMail offline with Google Gears

Gmail has introduced its latest Labs feature called offline Gmail to enable e-mail access even when you are not connected to the Internet. While this might sound uber geeky, the concept is simple enough when you actually use it. Oh, and the “offline” mode is already available in a simpler form if you happen to

Moulding Future with Thrive Learning Institute

thrive learning institute

Can technology, experience and principles be combined? The question has long been debated, agreed to and criticized. While technology concerns the recent advancements and all latest developments, principles are entirely conventional speaking of the past and not letting it wrought in the modern waves. However, Thrive Learning Institute has surpassed all such questions and debates,

Green Planet Campaign

green planet campaign is announcing a green planet campign with three of partners named,, and Youth Hackers Club. Under this campign we are creating a website named This website will providing you database about Green Buildings and other construction techniques. With this there is also a section about green IT concepts and implementations.

GeniusHackers.Com new look

Finally I’m here with a new premium theme worth 90$ . Initially i wasnt really happy with the design,  I liked the previous design by Jamie but after tweaking this new design a little I’m in love with it  . I strongly believe that a little more tweaking would make the design look much better.Please

New look for GeniusHackers.Com

Finally GeniusHackers.Com got a custom theme. All thanks to the amazing developer Jamie. If you are a Feed reader please take some time to check this new design. Through this post I would like to thank Jamie for the cool new look he gave to GeniusHackers . He is a very good designer and he

Top Ten Best Hackers of The World

best hackers of the world

The Ten Biggest Legends of the Hacker Universe: The culture started from the, The hackers culture. Now I am an ethical hacker and many more people like me either interested in or wanted to be hacker, DO you know why is that so? Answer is these guys made term hacking popular worldwide. I know they