Top 6 Laptop Coolers of 2012-2013 : Best Recommended Models


Laptop coolers are an essential  accessory for a laptop. It is a common phenomena that the laptops do get heated up after continual usage and there is a possibility of your lap getting heat marks or scorch marks.Laptop coolers helps to avoid this unnecessary difficulty and have become a common feature in most modern day laptop accessory lists. Laptop coolers works in different

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs Nexus 4 – Infographics Comparison

With the rapid advancement in technologies and a global inclement towards the smart phones, the competitions between the contemporaries in this segment is making a mark for itself in history. The intensity has reached to the stage where every aspect of a smart phone is scrutinized and made more powerful, as a result of which,

iPhone 5 vs. Nexus 4 Infographics Comparison

IPhone 5 vs. Nexus 4 Comparison

The newest smart phone to be sporting the brand name of the Search engine giant, the Google Nexus 4 is certainly impressive both in the price segment and the specifications that it comes loaded with. This phone is manufactured by LG electronics and looks set to capture a part of the smart phone market. Apple recently

Facebook Timeline For Pages Guide : Is It Beneficial for the Business Houses than the Old Layout?

Facebook Timeline For Pages

Facebook timeline for pages was launched at the expense of the old layout of  the Facebook pages which had more business oriented features. While the Facebook Timeline is more user oriented, business houses have not been getting the benefits out of the Facebook timeline feature. Facebook timeline Facebook had launched the new Facebook timeline for pages for some time back. Most of them would have become quite adept at using the Facebook timeline for pages now. But we would

PivotTables in Excel – A Guide

Let us learn about Pivot Tables in Excel – A Guide. One of the most powerful, yet less used feature of Microsoft Excel is the ‘PivotTable’. Using this, you can analyze large amount of data and summarize them with just a few mouse clicks. Let us understand them here and learn how to create and

How to take screenshot in Android Phone & iPhone ?

For capturing computer screenshots which are occasional, pressing Command-Shift-3 or PrintScreen [Windows] is quite normal for every user. But it is a bit difficult for an Android phone and for iPhone. The proper Android configuration will help a person for getting direct screenshots and in whichever situation. To take screenshot in android phone, some may