Mobile Applications of Linear Motion and Home Control

Linear Motion Systems are designed basing on motor technology. There are basic 3 types of DC motors: series shunt and compound motors. These motors are powered by DC power supply. The field windings and armature are the two electrical elements of DC motors. The armature windings have current carrying conductors. These conductors terminate at a commuter which is ridden by carbon brushes. The DC voltage is applied to these Carbon brushes. The specific characteristics of the three types of DC motors are as discussed below.

In series DC motors, as the name suggests, has its field windings in series with the windings of the armature. The windings of the field have few heavy wire turns. The current that flows in the windings of field also flows in the windings of the armature. This means that in case the current is increased, both the armature and the field will experience stronger magnetic field. Series motor has a principle advantage which comes as a result of high starting torque. The starting torque is due to large amounts of current passing through the armature and the field. The high starting current is caused by low resistance in the windings. The speed at which series motor operates is highly dependent on the weight of the load. The lighter the load, the higher the speed and vice versa is true. The speed is tripled in case the load is entirely removed.

Shunt DC motor is like the opposite of the series motor. The windings of the field and those of the armature are in parallel. There is high resistance in the windings. The current passing through the field is constant since the field windings are connected directly to the power supply. The starting torque in shunt varies with current as the speed too varies with current. Variation in the load has almost an insignificant effect on the shunt motor speed. Shunt DC motor best suits the speed and shunt torque required is not high.
Compound DC motor is a combination of the above two motors: series DC motor and shunt DC motor. Likewise, it has two windings: one is of the shunt and the other is of the series. The shunt is composed of windings that are connected in parallel with the armature as expected and are fine and numerous. The series’ windings are few, large, and heavy and are in series when it comes to the windings of the armature. The starting torque is in the medium; higher than the shunt’s but lower than the series’ and this also applies to the variation of speed depending on speed. It is applicable where combined characteristics are required.

As said earlier on, home automation employ linear motion technology. On the other hand, linear motion technology makes use of motor technology. One depends on another. With the constant advancement in technology, Progressive Automations have introduced a linear actuator app on mobile devices. This app is used to control the automated devices in smart homes. It has been made much easier such that instead of smart home owners buying add-ons and a number of components, they can just buy a control box. Through the control box, they can easily download the app from the Google play and have a whole new experience in home automation technology.

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