Most Addictive Android Games Of 2012

Who doesn’t gets addicted to the LSD like game world of android?  for the answer, EVERYONE.

so, here is a list which gives you your addictive mario a run for his princess. these are the games which gamers played most and for the better part of their android hours was spent in downloading these games or saving their asses from zombies to being a nutcracker.

1. granny smith: ah! the addiction-o-meter waves a 10/10 here. the best game in android, granny smith is a masterpiece. the old granny bumps of apples and coins to beat a bratty child along the way. this game requires seep, attention and a lot of retry  if you never ever had to retry than you are one hell of an android gamer.;)

2.  organ trail (directors cut): the addiction-o-meter is again 10/10. this one promises and a wears to not to bore you with scary zombies and picturesque grounds. tricky survival choices+ the amazing soundtrack will keep you jumping to survive and disease free.  a definite try for someone who wants lot of action and little crap.

3. Dead Trigger:  the addiction-o-meter is seriously 9/10. It’s a full fledged, HD, first person shooter, console-quality gaming experience. this one was made for a mobile gaming experience. this is all about cruiseing around the streets of a world that has been overrun by the undead while using a variety of powerful guns and weapons

4. angry birds:  the all time favourite: sweet and intelligible, this game has been played by everybody. the simplicity and idea of gaming makes it amkoin-hot on our addiction-o-meter. with 2 million downloads, not mentioning this would be an insult to IOS. The game is a very challenging and massive strategy puzzler that keeps you hooked on for hours.

5. newton: aiming shots? play this! the addictive-o-meter is truly addictive here , scoring an 8/10. While playing this game you need to line up shots at the target in the form of benders, pullers, pushers, raps and mirrors. the developer is still adding more levels, but whatever is available is surely go-go.

jetpack joyride: the addcitive-o-meter is juicy. definitely 8/10. It’s a simple plat-former  comics bonanza  silly animations, and a childish plotline that involves scientists, a machinegun jetpack, bombs, electricity, and coins. Jetpack Joyride is like many great mobile games in that you can pick it up and play it for a few minutes to kill some time or spend hours trying to beat your high scores and unlock new equipment.

project 83113:  this rocks the addictive-o-meter with 7.5/10. this game is specially for android additives  difficult and with class, Project 83113 is the ultimate plat-former, filled with speed, great controls, variations of guns, and fantastic graphics. its not for the casual class. beware.

zombie smash: another zombie scoring 7.5/10 in our addicitve-o-meter. hail the undead lovers, this completes any zombie-related infatuation. Made by Zynga, ZS is a survival game, much like Plants v. Zombies, but it makes the zombie smashing so much more interactive. this is to pep your down-mood to a swinging high

temple run: the addicitve-o-meter swears by his one. this game on android is sexy. It’s simple, fast paced, has unlock able items, is a great trash talk generator with friends, and can be game-on-ed by anyone at anytime. this is perfect.

rayman jungle runRayman Jungle Run’s  touchscreen platforming done oh so very, very right. the addcitve-o-meter is 7/10 though it is hot and will reach a 10. The game is split into four worlds with 10 stages apiece and This is a true blue plat-former with chasms, spikes, enemies, floating platforms, wall jumps, and other hazards.

ski safari:the endless runner with panache gets a 8/10. it is loved by all gamers for it challenges you til you lose. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need to build up your speed (and score multiplier) and keep it up as long as possible.Ski Safari’s lighthearted and playful presentation makes it addictive.

Monsters Ate My Condo: scoring high on the addictive-o-meter, this  brings a Jenga-meets-bejweled experience to the mobile space where you swipe sections of buildings. not much famous as others but who play this, know its effects. its side effect is being hooked on to it for this is a great time-waster.

plague inc. : the addictive -o-meter scores a 7/10.  “Your pathogen has just infected ‘Patient Zero’. Now you must bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself.” reads the official site. hell-yeah addictive!