Nexus 6 LED Notification Light

By now, all of us here must have ready many articles about the Motorola Nexus 6 and by now many of us here, mostly the Android fanboys know about all the features of the Nexus 6 so we can proudly boast of it being better than iPhones in front of our friends. If you too belong to this category, we have a surprise for you. The Nexus 6 boasts of a feature that had remained hidden till now as the makers had chosen to deactivate it for unknown reasons but thanks to an XDA developer, you can now access the feature. the feature we’re talking about here is an LED notification light.

Yes guys, you heard it correct. Nexus 6 has an LED notification light, much like most devices these days. Those of you who own an Nexus 6 and haven’t spotted the LED yet, we don’t blame you as Motorola decided to place the LED inside the upper speaker for unknown reason and not only that, the LED is not functional on the normal Nexus 6.

Nexus 6 LED Notification Light
Nexus 6 LED Notification Light

But thanks to XDA developer JMUT who has provided us with a procedure to follow in order to make the LED active and working on your smartphone. This is what he had to say about the LED:

ok it actually seems to work quite well after a bit of experimenting in the adb shell.

You’ll need root but with that try the following:

Choose root mode
run every command as root and
direct mode
Make sure “su”/superuser has access granted for all requests

Then go into lightflow, notification settings and you should have a
“mixer” option. Enable that and you should then see options to set the
red, green and blue leds and also an option to set their brightness.

The brightness is has a 255 max value (0 being off) – (255 max brightness) and it should work.

The led won’t flash but you can mix them together to get different colors. Technically you don’t need to use the mixer but there’s more control with it from what I remember.

This was made possible using the app Light Flow, which lets users modify and customize the LED lights on their device. You can download the app here.

The LED’s behavior is still not regular and JMUT is still facing some problems is getting the LED’s to work according to his wish. He has also contacted Andrew P Moore, the creator of Light Flow to get some assistance on this matter.

It is worth noticing that a similar LED was seen on the Moto X which only lighted up when the device’s battery levels were below a certain point, alerting the users. So the LEDs on the Nexus 6 might be thereto serve the same purpose, considering the similarities between the Moto X’s successor, the Moto x (2014) and the Nexus 6.

What are your views on this? Is the LED on the Nexus 6 there to notify you of the low battery levels? Leave your views in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates.

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