Motorola’s Moto X +1 surfaces online with leaked images and specs!


Motorola, after the successful launch of its three devices and new Android Smartphone series named Moto is again in the talks. This time the render images of the upcoming upgraded version of Motorola Moto X i.e. Moto X +1 have been leaked online with some rumored or confirmed specifications which has made many people fall in love with the device even before its announcements, Even me!!

Internet leaks start @Evleaks has revealed the images on twitter, which clearly shows that the next version of Moto X is carrying the same design statement like Moto X had. However, there might be some minute changes which  are not noticeable at the moment.

The leaked images clearly shows that the device is added with a back cover. As Moto X came with a non-removable back panel, the next version is also expected to carry the same trend. The leaked image has not yet confirmed about the back of the device as it is covered with a cover. The camera on the device is expected to be much bigger and will surely bring some changes in camera management for the device as a lot of users had complained  about it.

Earlier, the device was even showed up on Moto Makers’s official site where it was taken down as soon as the issue was reported to the company and  the device had appeared on the AT&T’s site as well which took much time to be offline from there.

The device will be another huge step in terms of performance like Moto X was. Some of the specs of the device have appeared online which revealed that the device will arrive with 4.5 inch 1080P display with much higher pixel density than that of Moto X. However the device if launched can arrive with the upcoming version of Android.

The device can be live with the 64 GB variant like Moto X which was recently made official. But there are much expectations from company, to launch 32 GB and 64 GB variants for the device.

@Evleaks also confirmed that the device will come with hard shells  which is evident  in the image but they also added another image which pointed out that the shell will arrive with another color. On the other hand,the sources have revealed that the device will be official for all 4 carriers in the USA.

moto x +1

The code name for the device is said to be Victara, so we can expect more leaks and information about the device before its official launch and the device can be in hands of the consumers by the end of October 2014. Stay tuned with us for more images and information regarding Moto X +1. 

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