8 Must Have Android Apps For Bloggers

Technology, Innovation and development are rapidly increasing in these days and techies have started combining all these three in carving them into a final app. The age of Hello World is gone and now every one is making their own apps and so can you. Coming to smartphones, iPhone and Android are obviously the two mostly used operating systems and people today are getting attracted towards Android because of it’s availability, price and many more features the beat iOS to floor. If someone asks me why I love Android, Google Play stands top in my list. The application database available for Android users is so huge that you can get an app for every use and each app has another number of alternatives. Besides Angry Birds, there are so many other apps which I use daily on my Android phone.

It’s not so easy being a blogger. You’re supposed to manage a lot of things alone by yourself and at times, when you are without your laptop/system, you might need an access to your site very badly and that’s where exactly you should unknowingly pick out your smartphone and start doing your business. Here in this post, I am going to list out those Android Apps for bloggers which are considered to be a must.


android apps for bloggers

WordPress is undoubtedly the most widely used blogging platform on the internet. WordPress can serve every site purpose like blog, ecommerce, business website, services, download site, portfolio and what not. And I know, your site also runs on WordPress platform, so this official WP android app for bloggers allows you to access your site dashboard and look for necessary things just like you do on your system.

You also have an android app for bloggers who run their blogs on Blogger.


android app for bloggers

And of course the primary thing for every blogger is to get traffic. Not just checking the number daily before you go to bed. There are some deep analytics which worth a check. If you’ve integrated your AdSense stats with your Google Analytics account, then you know how important it is to check your stats. The best android app for bloggers that allows you to check your Google Analytics data is gAnalytics.

Google Drive

Google Drive android app for bloggers

An official android app for bloggers and all the Google Account holders to store their data on a cloud storage device. If I were supposed to write the post just before six months, it would be DropBox but now it’s Google Drive of course. Being a blogger, sharing some files with others and storing some important files and backups on a cloud storage device is highly important and now you can manage all these stuff using Google Drive app for Android.


paypal android app for bloggers

PayPal is now available for Android users. PayPal is the biggest online money transfer/storage service that let your transaction go safe, secure and quick. Most of the bloggers don’t just receive money from AdSense yet there are many other clients and services and most of them pay by means of PayPal and now you can mange all your transactions and money just from your mobile phone.


I’ve been writing online from over an year and I know, all the site appear to be the biggest distractions when you are writing. Even when you try to write on your smartphone, these pings and update can easily distract you. Writer is the best android app for bloggers and writers to create a distraction free writing space while you are on work. Yes, this is the smartphone app alternative for DarkRoom software which is available for PC.

Photo Editor

Okay fine, you can obviously capture photos from your smartphone and post them to your blog with simple touches. But at most of the times, you might have to add some effects/changes to the pic to make it look more attractive and this is where you should have Photo Editor on your Android.


hootsuite android app

It is also very important to mange your social media profiles to make a good social media promotion. I know, Twitter and Facebook are the two most used social media sites. Though both of the sites have their own official apps on Android, it is easy to manage both of them from a single app, isn’t it? And that is the reason I’ve mentioned HootSuite which is the best social media profile manager.


evernote android app for bloggers

Every now and then, you might face situations where a great idea regarding your blog hits your brain and you forget to note it down. When you finally go back home and try to implement it, you can’t remember what you’ve just thought. Evernote can serve the purpose of saving ideas, checklists, to-dos and notes on a cloud storage. You can access this from your Android and even online on the official site. Do not forget to save your ideas and thoughts on Evernote, both of them are of course free.

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  • September 28, 2012 at 10:20 pm

    Excellet list! All very useful apps specifically Hootsuite..it helps me manage all my social media profiles effortlessly and saves me time! Really proves that it’s the best if not the best one of the best social media profile manager.


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