My Top 10 Android Apps for 2012

I recently switched over from my iPhone to a HTC Rezound and I should say that I am quite happy with the Android market place. Apple had it’s advantages with standardized apps and “no-crap” apps, but if one can pick and choose with caution, Google Play Store does have an extravagant collection of apps, both free and paid.

These below are the Top 10 Android Apps that I have picked for 2012 until now, do share your thoughts on the same and if you do not see your favorite app here, do let us know by leaving a comment below. So here goes:

1. Shazam – Shazam isnt just a handy app for identifying songs, but it has this awesome feature of “play-along” real-time song lyrics for karaoke. This has really brought this app to the Top place for me. I would love to sing along a song I am hearing on the radio and with lyrics flowing as needed, what else would a music lover want!!!!

Shazam is unarguably known for its music features, but with the launch of Shazam for TV, Shazam is increasingly being noted for its advertising partnerships—companies from Honda to Disney Parks have made their ad campaigns or commercials “Shazamable.”

The update to Shazam 5.0 lets users indentify songs and ads in as little as one second. This super-power update applies to all three of the Shazam apps (Free, Encore and (Shazam) RED), along with an updated UI and improved sharing features.

2. Instagram – If you own a smartphone and not yet downloaded Instagram, you are really missing out on some of the coolest features out there for camera-lovers. Instagram has taken over the world of mobile-phone photography to a new level.

Everyone loves the feeling of applying photo effects to their pics, making them look, well, not like mobile photographs. From the sepia-like Toaster filter to the shadow-enhancing X-Pro II filter, a simple picture of a toothpick can transform into a Warhol-inspired piece of art with the tap of an Instagram filter.

Instagram isnt just a camera app, but also makes it easy for users to Share it on all popular networks. Within just 6 days of it’s launch, Instagram for Android hit 5 million downloads!!!

3. 1Weather – One will be surprised, why is a simple Weather App featured on my Top 10 list!!!This isnt just another one of those numerous weather apps out there, it adds a social-twist and has also has a simple and clean format. With limited information, it is just enough for one to decide whether he needs a raincoat or an umbrella!!!

1Weather realizes that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine every day around the country, so it lists any severe weather notifications you need to know about. It also displays seven-day chances of precipitation in percentages and inches with simple, rotating images. You can view three different types of weather maps (radar, air-quality index and UV index), and with any of these, you can zoom in. Or check out the sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset times, accompanied again by a simple animated picture representing the current time of day.

4. Glancee – This is a social-app optimized for iOS and Android devices alone. It connects to your FaceBook profile and identifies people of interest close-by, by matching similar interests like music or business.

It’s an easy-to-use and very visual “people discovery” app, designed to help you “connect to people who share friends and interests with you.”. Once you click on a person in your Glancee feed, that’s when the fun begins. Your first option is to add them to your contacts. Once you do, you can start to chat. It’s that simple. You’ve met someone close and now you’re talking. This is the essence of Glancee.

5. Angry Birds Space – How can I leave out the most famous game app from my list. So here it is featured at #5, featured with unique gameply and an awesome UI design, this is a must-download app for every Android device!!

The differentiating factor in Angry Birds Space as compared to previous versions of the game is the way Space treats gravity. (After all, it’s space, where there is no gravity.) Players shoot their birds at structures and enemy pigs, watching them drift around based on inertia. Players have to rethink their strategies in each level to deal with the changing gravity, sending birds in orbit around planets and curving through their gravity wells, using floating debris as shrapnel, and deflecting objects to cause pigs to fall into planets or go careening into the endless, freezing depths. Cool stuff.

6. Spotify – This is the 2nd music app I am featuring on this list, Spotify changes the future of music downloading, listening and sharing. It is an awesome combination of iTunes and Pandora. According to it’s co-founder – “Music is one of the most social thing there is”; Spotify dominates this area.

You don’t have to wait for a song to download—the songs are offered in real time. You can search new hits or 25-plus radio stations, then easily add any of these songs to a playlist (and each playlist can hold up to 10,000 tracks). You can send messages with recommended songs to other Spotify users. And, even if you have the free version of Spotify, you can search for tracks and sync your music files on the go.

7. Draw Something – This app is now acquired by Zynga and has earned a massive success. If you like the classic Pictionary game, then you are sure to love Draw Something App.

You play against a Facebook friend or another person in your contacts, drawing items with your finger for your opponent to guess. You are given three words to choose from, ranging from easy to hard. To draw your object, you can choose your marker’s thickness and color. You can erase your picture at any time or just trash the whole thing. When you’re done, the picture will be sent to your opponent who can select to watch a video of you drawing the object. To guess the object, players fill in letter slots from a word bank of select letters.

Draw Something is a terribly addicting game, and it’s only getting better!!!

8. Springpad 3.0 – I am sure you love Pinterest and it sucks that we do not have an Android app for it, but now we have the new Springpad app. It’s mission is to help you organize your tasks and things you want to remember, plus share and discover interests with others using the App. The April update to Springpad 3.0 organizes your to-dos, hobbies, book recommendation lists, and more into virtual notebooks, which you can share with others publicly or privately. It is like having Pinterest and an awesome looking to do list in one!!!

Where Springpad gets pretty cool is its boards, which take the list look away from your content and let you visually organize it all. They work like a virtual corkboard: Either create a new piece of content or add an existing one to the board. You can then move and manipulate (such as enlarging an image) the content on the page.

9. TED – Well, one can argue this has to be at the #1 position for all it is worth for. The app displays all the inspiring TED conference talks and videos found on it’s website. TED app is something you won’t be able to just launch, browse and walk away from. The developers have done an outstanding job re-creating the possibilities the site offers.

Hit “Inspire Me” and nine varying categories allow you to watch something a little more tailored to your current interest. You can even choose talks alphabetically , search, and create your own list of favorites you can watch again and again. If it’s knowledge, inspiration or a better way to kill some time you are after, TED the app is the way to go.

10. Temple Run – To end this list, I would like to add another game-app in here. All those Indiana Jones fans will be addicted to this app for sure. Temple Run had more than 40 million downloads with its iOS app alone, plus 10 million Android downloads in less than a month after its Android release.

The graphics in Temple Run are first-rate. From the paths you run on to the cliffs you fall off of, everything about the design of this game works. If you don’t master controlling your man in Temple Run, then you can expect some demon-gorilla action coming at you. And that alone keeps you coming back for more!!!!

Over To You –

Now that I have reviewed these apps for you and shared some of it’s features, I would love to hear from you about your favorite ones and see what I have missed here. Maybe I can come up with another Top 10 by the end of 2012 and feature your app in that list. Leave your comments and thanks for reading.

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