Best Productivity Apps for Andorid

Best Productivity Apps for Andorid

Come Monday morning, and there is an onslaught of emails and my inbox is overflowing, what to check, what is urgent, which one to address first, which are the ones which needs to be forwarded and assigned to someone else in the team!!!! Getting things worked out takes most of my monday mornings.

To add to this madness, there is my to-do list on a white board which needs to be done every day with top priorities marked in RED. I need to check and see if all my expenses are properly accounted for and also schedule my offshore team to work on the severity 1 defects with utmost urgency.

So what helps me through my busy schedule? How can I get more organized and work with less pressure? These were some questions I asked myself a while back and now, I have the perfect solution for all my work needs on a busy day. Below are my Top 5 apps that helps me relax and take things one at a time. Do read on:

1. iDoneThis – Do not mistake this for a regular to-do list app…no, this takes it a step further!!! In addition to your to-do tasks, it also helps you achieve more the next day, now howz that for a smart-app!! The goal of this app is to inspire you to do more today by comparing and looking back at all you have accomplished in the prior days. All you need to do is log your completed tasks in a religious manner, leave everything else to the app to think and set new goals for you.

You can also marvel at what others—family, friends and coworkers—have gotten done. Create a team and each member can add accomplishments to one calendar. So you could track the progress of a certain project at work, for example, or adapt the group emails for another use, such as an easy way to get ongoing feedback from a focus group.

2. SpringPad – As you progress through a work day, there are random tid-bits of information and statistics that you will either jot down on a notepad or speak into a memo or use a post-it for quick reminder later on. With SpringPad, you can do just about all this and it even adds images and relevant online articles to your notes, thus helping you get more information when you come back to retrieve it.

You can connect related items by proper tags, organize your stuff by moving hem around on a dashboard, add maps, at the same time sync with the springpad website, so you have access to the information at your desk and away!!!  Like Pinterest, Springpad boards can now be made public, which means you can browse other boards either for inspiration or out of pure boredom. See something you like? Just “spring” it to your own notebook.

3. Lemon – Receipts Refreshed – I was mentioning earlier in this post about getting my expenses cleared by my accounts department, there are times when I make last minute purchases like maybe buying a flash drive for a presentation or even taking my client out for a quick bite. It is difficult to keep tab on these expenses if I had to retain those receipts and produce the physical copies to my office.

Lemon App helps me digitally organize all those receipts and get them reimbursed!!!! All I need to do is take a picture of the receipt with my smart phone and the app will digitize the information in it. How easy is that now. I can even label and categorize my purchases for easy access and reporting. The app allows you to clean out that wad of receipts you have stuffed in your desk drawer 🙂

4. YouMail – All of us would have cursed while listening to voicemails on my phones for sure. You need to enter your password, then another number to hear the message, another one to delete, one more to archive…list goes on. How to make this simpler without actually losing out on security. Well, YouMail app is what you have been looking for. This records your voicemail and emails the recording to you, along with the information on who left the message and at what time. For a fee, you can even get the voicemail transcribed to text and emailed to you.

The app is a must if your job keeps you in meetings or seminars: You no longer have to listen to the voicemail, take notes and then contact somebody who can help the caller. Simply listen to or read through email and forward it to whomever can respond. Another handy feature is personalized greetings. You can upload multiple messages that can be linked to your contacts, so you can greet your clients differently from your family, or even greet callers by name in your outgoing message.

5. Vlingo – My final app on this list will surely be Vlingo, all the iPhone users are boasting of Siri and to compensate that for Android, we have Vlingo App. It is a digital assistant which allows you to compose text messages and emails, update your twitter and facebook statuses and even make phone calls – using voice commands!!!

The app’s in-car mode is extremely helpful for keeping in touch, finding nearby gas stations and getting directions. And the Get Answers function is handy for quick voice-command research for any last-minute appointments. Of course there are some less desirable features and some unsupported functions one would like to have, but Vlingo surely makes a mark for me.

Over To You

Now that I have these 5 apps downloaded and working perfectly for me, I have realized their potential in organizing my work life. How is yours treating you? Have you had any trouble lately due to overload of information? How did you handle it, did you use any smart app that made your life easier? Do share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading.

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