Network Attached Storage solutions from Dell

A network attached storage drive is the innovative technology that enables companies to store data and retrieve it in the most efficient way. The NAS drive comes with a separate IP address and preinstalled network communication protocols, enabling devices on multiple networks to store and access data with efficacy and ease. While the performance of business work procedures is highly enhanced, office space is optimised to the maximum extent. With such importance associated with NAS drives, it is important to purchase them from a reputable company. Dell is a leader in producing world class technology products and network attached storage solutions from Dell are definitely of a higher standard.

Dell offers comprehensive and cost effective storage solutions for corporate as well as small and medium companies all over the world. The versatile product range from the company suits the budget and requirements of every business. Right from EqualLogic PS series to the Powervault NX models, network attached storage solutions are designed to meet the storage needs of businesses while maintaining key factors like the efficient performance, speed and the price.

Dell EqualLogic PS series drives offer the highest efficacy, intelligent management of data and have zero downtime. Connecting these drives and storing the data is simple and easy. There are two models within this category, PS 6000 and PS 6100. The Powervault series of NAS drives offers a wider range of products. This series is a great advantage for small and medium companies that experience a huge data growth that do not meet the available resources. The single instant storage system (SIS) used with these NAS drives prevents duplication of data, thereby offering more space. The quick and efficient performance of these NAS drives is augmented by the effective management of the data. The prefabricated menus of the powervault nas drives enable you to easily configure the system. From a single interface you can monitor and manage multiple devices. Dell offers backup software that allows you to backup data to perfection.

Network attached storage solutions can be combined with ARX data management solutions to save costs and increase the data accessibility speed to the maximum extent. ARX is a simplified data management system that virtualises the storage of data, optimising more space and quick performance. The method of storing and retrieving data can be matched with your resources. Data can be migrated easily without interrupting core processes while the storage costs and backup costs are reduced to the maximum extent.

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