Network Security: Replicated Services (For Corporates)

Advantages of replicated databasesOne of the most convenient methods of securing private data is using ‘‘Replicated services”. This method is actually done for backing up your data. We have to create two or more systems (or networks) having same function. These are used for performing same work. Both the systems are exact replicas of each other.

Advantages: 1. The Large work load can be shared.

2. Efficiency of network increases.

3. Data is secured due to second back-ups.

If we use replicated service no matter if one of our system is down due to some problems, because other is always alive to perform same task.

Disadvantages: 1. Replicating is not cheap as it sounds.

2. Need 1 ½ more managing employees.

Replicas and Network Security:

  • If hacker tries to intrude in the network and by any means if he manages to damage your network, you have all data backed up on other replica with your entire network also running.
  • With ‘instant back-up key’ you can stop all users from accessing network so intruder is also stopped to gain more access.
  • Your work is saved and so your business.

Things become more efficient if you’re replicas are not connected to each other and managed with proper separation, because if these are interconnected, intruder can damage your replicas also.These services can be used in corporate networks and also where highly sensitive data is stored.

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