Network Attached Storage solutions from Dell

A network attached storage drive is the innovative technology that enables companies to store data and retrieve it in the most efficient way. The NAS drive comes with a separate IP address and preinstalled network communication protocols, enabling devices on multiple networks to store and access data with efficacy and ease. While the performance of

Why You Should Use Cloud Storage – Top 10 Advantages


The process of storing, accessing and managing your data is never easy. Whether it was the time of keeping it on magnetic tapes, compact discs, external hard-drives, USB’s or on some other alternatives, it’s always been a tough job to perform an excruciating work to store your data. With the aforesaid storage options, the probability

How Windows 8 is more secured than Windows 7

Lets talk about How Windows 8 is more secured than Windows 7. There’s a lot more to Windows 8 than a new interface to Windows 7. The security improvements are noteworthy with an application reputation system, protection from boot time root kits and an integrated antivirus. There are also a few low level security improvements

How to Increase Your Internet Speed the LEGIT Way?

Increase your internet speed

You must come across many ways that promises you to increase your Internet speed, but unfortunately none of them would have worked. In this post we will be dealing with ways by which you can increase your internet speed. Before we start, we must have a little background knowledge of what we are going to do. In

[Windows 8] How to Edit Windows Hosts file to block websites

Windows 8 presents a whole new approach to computing with all new ways to use Windows. These new features which are meant to take windows to a new era are associated with a learning curve that often leaves a new user confused. Here we would discuss How to edit Windows Hosts file to block websites in windows

All about Network attached storage (NAS)

In this article i am going to give some info about Network Attached Storage (NAS). So, without any further ado we will start. Definition: Network-attached storage (NAS) is file-level computer data storage connected to a computer network providing data access to heterogeneous clients. As of 2010 NAS devices are gaining popularity, as a convenient method of