New Features in PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint 2013, from the family of Office 15 would certainly be a fate sealing factor for Microsoft as the company puts all of it’s hopes on Windows 8 and it’s children. Here are few new features i’ve discovered with my hands on Office 15 Consumer Preview

Powerpoint 2013


PowerPoint 2013 adopts the Metro User Interface, the signature interface of Windows 8. More touch controls as the version is also targeted for handheld Windows 8 tablets.


Presentation designers can now easily edit the charts on the go because it has easier controls for modifying axes, labels, data e.t.c right next to each cart. The graph and chart designs are more intuitive in this version

Merge Shape Feature

The Merge Shape function(Prevalent in Keynote) is finally added, extremely useful. Now you can design thousands and millions of new vectors and objects out of your creating using primitive shapes by merging them. How Cool is that?

Streaming Videos

Now, you can directly embed a youtube video and stream it from the internet right from the presentation. Your videos no longer need to sit on the local system to work. Similarly you can also place web audio and image files without actually Downloading it to your PC.

Export to Video

This is the feature i had been looking for. You can now export your presentation into a video file. Forget the old school, online converters for doing this. Now you can directly convert it into a video. It’s actually better than Windows Movie Maker in my opinion.

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