Nexus 6 Round Up!

Nexus 6! I get very much excited when I hear this name and the reason is pretty clear. It gets direct support from Google and runs stock android!  Actually there are many more reasons due to which I love Nexus devices but I am not going to tell you all that stuff right now because I think you will become little bored. Anyways, lets come back to Nexus 6 instead of talking about my love life with phones. So basically, Nexus 6 is the latest guy in the Nexus series and is the first device to come with Android Lollipop pre-loaded. And there are many more things which are stuffed up in device and today I would be giving you a short review for all of them!

What’s New?

I think this is the only thing which we ask when a new phone is released. Well the main thing which is new in Nexus 6 is that it is now being manufactured by Motorola instead of LG. Apart from that, there is an overall change in design, from flat back panel to curved back with the signature Motorola label on back. You can even call this device as a grand sized Moto X! Yeah, it follows the same design pattern and maybe you will get confused if you put a Moto X and Nexus 6 side by side.

Nexus 6 Round Up!
Nexus 6

Key Performance

Although the device is not released in public right now but we got a change to get our hands on this 6 incher and believe me , it was pretty impressive!

As you might know that physically this device is 6.27” in height, 3.27” in width and 0.4” thick which makes it the biggest Nexus phone till now. Nexus 6 boasts of a bright and vibrant display which measures up to 5.96 inches with a resolution of 1440p and density of 493 pixel per inch which is super sharp! And with its quad HD screen, this guy becomes the tough competitor of LG G3 and Note 4.

This device is great but the big size is really disappointing for people like me who believe in compact and mobile design. But to fix it up, Motorola gives a curved back as well as made this device lightweight due to which the wounds created by the size are somewhat healed.

Nexus 6 Round Up!
Nexus 6

This big device is powered with a huge 2.7GHz Snapdragon Processor by Qualcomm. Well with such a great processor under the hood it is sure that it will give you a blazing fast speed. But if someone owns a 6 inch device then either he will buy it to flaunt or to play games. So, if you are the one who is buying this device to play games then let me tell you a good news that this device comes up with Adreno 420 GPU which means you will get some really cool performance while playing the heaviest games!

Let me tell you that Nexus 6 is coming with Android Lollipop and there are many new features like notifications, recent apps and other stuff. While using these new features, the performance was impeccable and there was 0 lag.

This guy is powered with a huge battery of 3200 mAh which means that you will get a long battery life. It ensures a 24 hours talk-time and stand-by time of 300 hours which means you won’t hug the wall for long time.

Nexus 6 Round Up!
Nexus 6 comes pre-loaded with Android Lollipop

Now we need to talk about the camera, the camera on this device is a 13 MP rear shooter while in the front you get a 2 MP front shooter. On rear you get dual LED flash which means you would be able to kill the power of darkness by just using your mobile phone! Okay, I am sorry if I exaggerated it much. Anyways, moving forward we got a 3GB of RAM and a Turbo Charge feature by Qualcomm which ensures that your device gets charged 100% within 6 hours and 15 minutes.


Currently this device would be launched in US only with Carriers; AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint. As far as other corners of the world are considered, there are no words by company. But Google said that Nexus 6 would be available to 28 other countries in the coming weeks which would be LTE enabled for both; America and Other Countries.

Nexus 6 Round Up!
Nexus 6 comes in two colour: midnight blue (left) and cloud white (right)


This device is not available currently but it surely grabbed a lot of attention with the new Android Lollipop. Apart from that this device has got some seriously cool hardware installed which means a better performance. Although the device catches some coolest specifications but its big size is a big disadvantage and just kills the excitement of people who prefer a standard 4.7” device.

There is nothing more to say right now about this device but if you are in a hurry then you can pre-order it. But we would suggest you to wait for it to launch and get a review about the device. Nexus 6 comes in midnight blue or cloud white with either 32 GB or 64 GB of storage for $649 or $699 respectively.

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