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Nokia is trying hard to get back into business, like Apple and Andriod, Now Nokia is releasing a lot of exciting stuff now and then to be in NEWS. MeeGo based mobile device: Nokia N9, information about its launch in limited countries and now an allegedly leaked video showing Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 based mobile!

Yes that’s right, We talked about Nokia a lot this week and might be will talk a lot more in coming weeks.. but it’s because of the buzz Nokia is creating in the market right now. So on that note, presenting a super confidential video of CEO Elop presenting Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7!

Leaked Video of Nokia’s first WP7 phone (Sea Ray appears at 02:00)

This phone is based on the same concept of edge-to-edge screen which Nokia showed in Nokia N9, in addition the phone showcased a capacitive “Windows” button at the bottom. Nokia claims that it has over 500 cool features to offer with Sea Ray that no other company has till yet offered with WP7. The design concept is not the only thing that seems same as that of Nokia N9, the hardware is alleged to be the same or even better in Nokia’s WP7 phone.

Though it is being publicized on the blog-o-sphere as a leaked video, but if you ask me: I believe it to be an intentional leak from Nokia to make more noise about its upcoming product. Btw whatever may be the case, here’s what I noticed in WP7 phone in the Video-

  • A well finished, rather quite sexy handset with lovely edge-to-edge screen.
  • Carl Zeiss 8MP camera with a separate camera button
  • Gorilla Glass
  • Running Mango Version of Windows Phone 7

I must say either intentional or unintentional, Nokia has been able to make much buzz around the net in past few weeks! Walking the Apple and Android way, it might or might not get success, but for now it seems to work in favor of Nokia. So, how many of you tech addicts are eagerly waiting for this phone?

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