Notebook Vs Tablet

Whether i should go for Notebook or Tablet? However buying one is a complex process.I think this article could probably help you in deciding the answer.It really depends on the usage.

Notebook vs Tablet

Ease of Use

Tablet ease of access

The proliferation of Tablets has contributed to a drastic decline in the sale of Laptops and PC’s. The major reason behind the spiking popularity of tablets is the Ease of Access. You learn to navigate through the direct features and application within hours. The email and browsing facilities are also simpler to maneuver than the typical Pc web browsers


Though new feature called Tablet Processing is introduced in tablets, Notebooks are provided with multiple core processors for faster Multitasking. Factors like Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processor and the launch of windows 8 contribute to a revived demand for notebooks.


Tablet external battery

Batteries are advertised as Long life, High capacity, Quick charge and Ill defined parameters. Regarding the battery life of Notebook Vs Tablet, Notebooks will have battery life of 5-6 hours whereas tablets will have a  battery life of 10-12 hours.However tablets work even on External battery.

Apps Vs Software

There is a fine distinction between Apps and Software. Despite the fact that two facilities perform almost similar functions, the later requires more skills and experience than the former.

App storeYou need to install software in your PC and take time to learn how to use it. With apps, the process is much simpler. You simply click on Widgets and stuff begins to happen. Although software is the ultimate power behind both the PC and Slate Gadgets, most of it has been relegated to the workspace.


Another factor that contributes to the rising popularity of  Tablet devices is their personal nature. A Touch screen gadget or smartphone is certainly more personal than a Notebook PC. You can store both work related and personal content in your hand-held device. As such, you can be able to work from any location with or without your PC.

Price Comparison

Most trendy tablets are not economical. In fact, ipads generally start at around $600 (or $500 if  you’re rolling back prices at Wally World), and you’ll probably be hard pressed to find one that is discounted. Finding a cheaper notebook is actually very easy.


Too much thought on the matter may cause a headache.If you wish to buy a tablet, Which Tablet To Buy  would surely help you in deciding the better one.Instead if  you prefer a notebook then have a look at this article Top Notebooks.If you have more thoughts worth mentioning,do comment.Thank You.

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