Obtain the Right Mobile Phone Contract Deal

Heading to a network provider and signing up to a mobile phone contract is usually a quick and painless task. The only pain you might encounter is coming across a much better deal a few weeks later but by then it’s too late, you’re already locked in to a cast iron long-term contract.

Obtaining the best deal isn’t too hard but it does include undertaking a little comparison research as well as looking at exactly how you’re going to use your phone over the contract length.

Communication use and price

Are you more of a talker than a texter or maybe you like to spend your time chatting on social networking sites as well as browsing the internet? The way you utilize your phone will make a difference to the price you pay because different network providers will have different charges for their services. If for example, you’re looking for constant access to the internet plus want to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot to get your laptop online then an unlimited or ‘all you can eat’ data plan with tethering will be your best option. However, unlimited can be pricey so it’s best to use smart comparison websites to find out exactly what is going to be included in any contract price.



Light use, low price

There’s no need to pay huge monthly contract fees, especially if you’re only using your phone to text or make minimal calls. Compare the mobile phone contract deals and look at how much you’re going to be charged per month for the services you’re going to use the most. There’s no point taking a contract that includes a lot of data usage if you’re not going to be browsing the internet on your phone. Try to gauge how much time you’re going to spend on calls per month or how many texts you’re likely to send and then try to fit your contract’s ‘inclusive calls or texts’ around these figures.

Points to look out for

When you’re using mobile phone comparison websites make sure to use more in order to widen the range of companies and view more deals; also check out the offers through local companies. Make sure to assess the fees charged for going over your limits as these can greatly increase your monthly fees. Remember to look out for low-cost introductory offers designed for first time customers but make sure these prices extend for the entire contract length.

If you’re not convinced that a long-term contract is the right option then check out the ‘sim-only’ deals available on a rolling monthly basis – you can cancel these when you want. Above all, don’t rush into anything and do the research to ensure you’re not swayed by those ‘value for money’ high price contracts.

Images by Sven Hoffman and Jamie McCaffrey, used under the Creative Commons license.

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