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Ohlife is a web service that allows you to maintain your own free online private diary journal. Just like your physical personal diary, this service lets you write down and save your life experiences of later, via e-mail.

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Why it is better than other tools?

Most of the people do not write a personal diary at all because physically keeping a diary is inconvenient (besides, it is embarrassing if somebody else finds and reads it). Now the digital alternative too keeping a dairy, for many people, can be to create a personal blog and change its privacy settings so that only that person can access that blog. Then, everyday one would have post an entry to write that day’s events.

The problem with this method is that most people aren’t geeky enough to create a blog, change privacy and other customization settings, write post, tag them, etc. In fact, many people don’t even know what’s a blog and how its different from other kind of websites.

For such people, and others, Ohlife lets you maintain a dairy by doing a very simple task. Everyday (or night or any particular days of a week you specify), Ohlife sends the user, an email on the e-mail address specified by the user. The users just need to reply to that email; writing down that day’s event in the email and Ohlife will take care of filing the entry and giving it a correct date.

Read previous entries:

Ohlife, if you enable the option, sends along with the email, a random post from your previous entries for you to read. Initially, when you have fewer posts, this might doesn’t seem any useful but once you’ve got weeks of daily posts, this option can be very interesting.

Other features and customizations:

  • Ability to add image in your entries.
  • Ability to download a copy of the entries as text files.
  • See past entries on the website as well. Go to Past tab to see entries date-wise or click the Random button to see a random entry.
  • Past entries can be edited or deleted even after being posted.
  • Customize the days (of a week) or the time (of a day) when you wish to receive the email.

Overall, Ohlife is a simple and neat tool without any clutter or hassle for a person who wants to maintain a digital private journal.

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Ohlife – Private Diary

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