Online Radios

Listening to music on internet is a one of the most popular online-entertainment methods. For many, it is the second-most frequent reason for accessing internet; other than surfing or checking mail. There are thousands of websites that provide this service. Music for every language, genre, etc. is available on internet. These services, also know as Online Radio Services or Music Streaming Services, have several advantages over traditional form of listening music by downloading or buying a CD.

Online Radios

Why prefer Online Radio Services?

Portability: One doesn’t have to carry its music everywhere. Online services let you access music when one doesn’t have their iPod, Laptop or PC or other media-players.

Lots of music: Second reason why Online radio services are popular because there’s lots of music available to listen. Users can listen to tens of thousands of albums available in the catalog. Almost all major artist albums are available to listen. Then, there are also many independent and upcoming artists promoting their content as well.

Discover music and artists: Major music streaming sites cover many genres , all the popular ones and many not-so-popular ones. These websites also have a huge catalog of music artists, big and small. Often, these websites have a music recommendation service. It means that, based on your current listening tastes, these websites will suggest you other artists or songs which you might like.

Social Networking part. Online radios let you share the music you’re playing with friends of yours on social networks, see what your friends are listening to and find people whose music tastes are similar to yours.

Experiment New Genres: Online music services are the best option when one wants to try new genres. These websites help you find prominent artists in those genre, suggest good albums, etc.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular online music streaming sites (both free and paid).

1. Pandora

2. Spotify

3. Grooveshark


5. We7

6. eMusic

7. Napster

8. Shoutcast

9. Yahoo Music

10. Rhapsody

I would recommend you to check the best websites to stream live radio online. Do share your reviews in comments, below.

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  • January 12, 2013 at 5:38 am

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