Online Shopping Guide – Security Tips You Sould Know

We have been seeing a lot of eye-candy deals and offers online for each and every product that is available in the market. In fact, when we are shopping online, we have a lot of models of each product available and we can pick one from a wide range when compared to the physical store. For example, if you have decided to buy a new smartphone within your budget, the store you have visited might not have all the available phones within the budget and online, we are just supposed to pick the right one out from a huge range of phones. You can get any of the available phone online and get it from one website or the other, for sure. This does apply to all the products ranging from home appliances to gadgets and decors.

Most of the people enjoy the comfort of online shopping while some others are still afraid of the online scams. Every website is not a scam but sure there are some sites that charge a lot more than the actual payment that is to be done and at times, you might not even get the product delivered. It all depends on you choosing the site in which you are going to shop. Here are some security tips that you should know before shopping online.

Only Browse Trusted Websites

There are about billions of websites on internet and you can also create your own e-commerce website in a very short time. So don’t assume every website which has some screenshots of random products to be a trusted one. is one of the most used and known shopping website all over the world and there are many more sites which are trust worthy. And we have many country based e-commerce sites like in India and  others. Another point to keep in mind is that do not mistake fake sites which might have a silly spelling change to that of the actual one or even the TLDs. If the site is a .com, go with it, never assume the site for granted if it has another TLD like .ly, .ws or anything.

Check For SSL

ssl certificates for secure shopping online

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are always used on every trusted website. When you are about to make a transaction online, check whether the site has SSL enabled or not because this will not let your data get misused. You can check this in the address bar where you always see the “HTTP://”, when the SSL is enabled you see “HTTPS://” instead and when you click on it, you can get the details of the company.

Don’t Provide Everything

When you are shopping online, you are of course given a form to fill in order to get your product delivered to you. But make sure all of them are important fields like Name, Address, phone number, email address etc. Some fake websites ask for birthdays which are unneccesary for online shopping. When they have your birthday, they can charge more out of your credit card. So don’t go with such websites. No major e-commerce site asks for unneccesary information from you.

Do Check The Invoices

Some fake companies and websites might charge more than the actual amount that is to be paid. When you are dealing with a renowed site, they will obviously send you the payment invoice and the amount credited from your account immediately after the purchase within seconds. Some fake sites might not send you the payment invoice and at such times, do check your bank statements for better security purposes. If you don’t find time to go to the bank, you can however get the e-statement of your account. If you see something wrong, immediately report the bank about the fraud as early as possible, if you take more than 30 days to do so, you are liable to pay the bill.

Avoid Shopping Publicly

Always avoid using online shopping sites and purchasing in public computers. Always prefer shopping from your personal computer because in public computers at cyber cafes or your work areas, you don’t know what others are using the computer. At your home, use some security softwares and anti-spywares that will always protect your computer for information theft.

You Can Use Mobile Too

Research says, 5.7% of adults use mobile devices to do the comparison between two products when they are going to purchase either of them. There’s nothing to worry about shopping from your mobile device. Shopping from apps is a lot easier than using the native browser. But you just have to make sure that you are using the official app and not a fake app developed by anonymous users.

Do read 12 Scams of Christmas from McAfee for a better understanding and make sure, everytime you buy something online, go with a trusted website. Have a happy shopping online.

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