Why and How to Use Google DNS on Windows 7/XP

how to use google dns windows 7 xp

What is DNS? If you’re a total newbie to these terms, here is a quick summary. DNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, which basically translates websites’ domain URL in IP address. DNS servers are maintained mostly by ISPs (Internet Service Providers), and they have total control on it. But why DNS in so […]

How to Access US and UK only sites for free; Bypass country restriction

Very often those of us who live outside US and UK are stuck with problem that  a particular site or online service is only available in US or UK. This restriction based on country can be bypassed using a VPN client.VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. But often setting up a VPN is not a very and straight […]

[How to] Use TOR to Unblock Blocked Sites, with Screenshots

With various national and international committees and governments trying to censor the Internet users are  in continuous search of ways to bypass the web censorship and access blocked website. One such way is TOR browser, which is essentially a pack of software that is all that you will need to bypass the web censorship. TOR […]

How PD Proxy Helps You to Browse the Internet Safely

pd proxy diagram

Everyday you browse the internet through your browser with the help of ISP[Internet service provider] connection. But did you know that you leave the traces behind the server each website you visits and what you browses in it and for how much time you stayed onto that website every activity is stored in the server […]

How to Open Facebook at School and Office

Facebook blocked at school and office

These days most academic institutions and corporate offices block popular social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook and Orkut so that students/employees don’t waste their time chatting with their buddies or checking their status updates and focus on being more productive instead. However if you are addicted to Facebook but are unable to access it due […]