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Why You Should Use DuckDuckGo Over Other Search Engines


Search engines have been definitely one of the most revolutionary internet ideas ever since the inception. With a couple of clicks, you can find almost anything you want. Search engine companies have also been working on enhancing the experience by adding more features and tools to get the data to you in a faster and better way; like

Android L Source Codes Are Here

The Nexus 6 that was unveiled some time back not only brought us a new high-end smartphone, but also unveiled the all new Android L. Till now, Android L has been an exclusive to the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9 except for devices running the developer’s preview version of it. But that is about

5 Best Microsoft Word Alternatives That Are Free

5 Best Microsoft Word Alternatives That Are Free

Microsoft Office is the most popular user interface for writing and editing variety of files like documents, presentations, spreadsheets, graphics and databases and out of these the most popular is the Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is an industry standard and it is important for small business owners to know there is no point spending money

Cyanogenmod Vs Stock ROM! What would you prefer?

cyanogenmod vs stock rom

Android has always been the most flexible operating system ever build on Linux for smartphones. However, basically Android is an Open Source License distribution program. Many mobile manufacturers develop their own skins and UI as per their own convenience for their Android Smartphones.  However, not always these companies are able to provide what basically a user wants. If you are a

Cyanogenmod a deeper sneak peek! What Cyanogemod is planing for non-rooted users?

cyanogenmod wiki by the geek daily

  Since the launch of Android, it has become the most productive and most modified operating system ever built on Linux. Android’s open source power makes it the best selection for customization among the developers. All the companies no matter Samsung, HTC, Sony, Micromax, Karbonn etc are using the Android version, developed and managed by Google Inc. Apart from Google there

[How To] Fix your messed up partition tables.

Dealing with hard drive partition scheme is always messy. First of all, many people don’t even understand what the thing is. Secondly, you have to be very cautious while changing anything. A tiny error and you could end up in corrupted data! When it comes to playing with hard drive partitioning problems, results range from

Ubuntu One and it’s amazing features

Ubuntu One is growing in popularity as a file synchronization service. Though you may think it only works for Linux-Ubuntu, the amazing part is that it works on Windows OS, Mac Os, Android, IOS and from the web too! Main Features of Ubuntu One are online sharing of files and folders, synchronizing installed applications through