[How To] Fix your messed up partition tables.

Dealing with hard drive partition scheme is always messy. First of all, many people don’t even understand what the thing is. Secondly, you have to be very cautious while changing anything. A tiny error and you could end up in corrupted data! When it comes to playing with hard drive partitioning problems, results range from

[How To] Manage your Raspberry Pi Without Monitor

My Raspberry Pi Without Monitor

In last two posts, we have introduced ourselves to the Raspberry Pi and set it up correctly. We needed a monitor or a TV to see what is happening inside the Pi. However, keeping a monitor engaged all the time is not very ideal condition. Especially, if you plan to use the Pi as a

The Ultimate List of Google Chrome Extensions

google chrome extensions

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the best browser of 2011 and it was also awarded for the same by PCMag and some others. Google Chrome is just a beautiful browser with stunning HTML5 support, themes, built-in Flash player and also the PDF reader. How can we forget the unending list of the Chrome extensions where it

Ubuntu One and it’s amazing features

Ubuntu One is growing in popularity as a file synchronization service. Though you may think it only works for Linux-Ubuntu, the amazing part is that it works on Windows OS, Mac Os, Android, IOS and from the web too! Main Features of Ubuntu One are online sharing of files and folders, synchronizing installed applications through